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Book Reviews - Thailand
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31 Jan 09
Boyztown immortalized
Vividly Michael J Burchall describes his first visit to Thailand and Pattaya and how he got that Thai bug - everybody living here has experienced similar things and tourists get it too. It is very interesting to read how gay life (and business) was then, how things developed bit by bit over the years and how Boyztown became the place we know today. Many familiar (and forgotten or half forgotten) faces are revoked, characters depicted and funny or tragic stories told. Read more

16 Jun 07
If truth be told and Other tales of Thailand
Some time ago, I chanced upon a short story in STICKY RICE (or was it still THAI GUYS?), which caught my attention as being highly unusual. It was the kind of story that first makes us acclaim Great! then after some pondering a long drawn-out Well , and finally again: Very Good! Named Short Time, it describes the encounter of a British tourist, a pharmacist, at gay Jomtien beach with a hustler who does not fulfill his part of their bargain. This, of course, happens every day in Pattaya, but the tourist, an otherwise very regular guy (anyone who dealt fairly with Tom had nothing to worry about), is so infuriated, that he poisons the boy. And not only this: The amazed reader is being told off-handedly that initially the pharmacist had used his skills (in Mexico) to drug and rape boys who had promised him to play the submissive part and then didnt permit him. Read more

19 Mar 05
Very Thai: Everyday Popular Culture
As the Rough Guide to Thailand observed this guide on contemporary Thailand is well-researched, knowledgeable, and lavishly photographed. Its not a guide book per se. It cant fit in your pocket, but it is of a size to pop in your packsack. But it should grace your coffee table and be readily at... Read more

19 Mar 05
Thailand Fever By Chris Pirazzi and Vitida Vasant
You thought you would never fall for a moneyboy. You thought money couldnt come between you and your Thai lover. Until what began with great sex and little gifts ends with no sex and fights about money. The more money you spend for your lover, the less your lover smiles. What is going wrong? ... Read more

29 Jan 05
Thai for gay tourists
Why learn Thai? Dont the puchai bar kao chai every word you say? Why waste time talking? Talk, you can in Dicks Caf? before you pick up a num loh in Screwboys on the way home. Im more interested in smooth butt cheeks than in grammar. Can you learn Thai in bed? Ill ask a guy to teach me some words while we wait to get hard again, ok? Read more

10 Dec 02
Thai Guys Tales
It began with the words: Nong, nong, what’s your name?" This "innocent" line was directed at a very pretty 19-year-old lying on a couch, in a coffee shop, college uniform white shirt artfully untucked from his black trousers (that is tooooo sexy) He was reading the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar named Desire... For a 19-year-old to be reading at that level was enough to spark the interest but that he was drop-dead gorgeous made us just that little more interested... Read more

9 Jul 01
Lady Boys, Tom Boys, Rent Boys
For visitors dropping into the sexual free-for-all in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, it is easy to gloss over the harshness of life for the vast majority of Thai gays and lesbians . Why? Because very few short term visitors have the chance to see gay men living their everyday lives, either in Bangkok or upcountry. Not to mention the lives of Thai lesbians, who have suffered from a real dearth of serious literature recounting their lot in life. Read more

9 Sep 00
Two new and updated gay travel guides on the shelves
The Men of Thailand: The ListingsThailand’s Gay Venues 1999-2000 and Thai Fun Maps Read more
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