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Art - Thailand
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20 Dec 08
Exhibition “Erotic Revolution” By Chinese Artist Muskboy
Muskboy was born in China. Love brought him to Berlin and love made him go away from his nation and culture. Being gay, he could not accept the suppressing and hateful reproaches of his native countrymen. He refused to live in hiding, among people intolerant of the way he was naturally. Read all about this remarkable Chinese painter here on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World and visit his unique exhibit in Bangkok. Read more

29 Nov 08
Gay art on demand – visit the Goran Gallery
If you ever stayed at Sansuk Boutique Guesthouse in Pattaya you must have seen those intriguing pictures on the walls which depict male beauty in a very colorful fashion. Goran Jurec has produced them and they are so called "Giclées". Suzy (as usual) had no idea what that might be, but thanks to Wikipedia she found out in an instant (we were so dumb without the internet!)... Read more

24 Nov 07
Bullicle songs of the bullicle “Cats”
My last cultural come out to Bangkok was for the wonderful “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” of Swiss ballet troupe. I so much enjoyed it so gave myself promise to conjoin more often the world of art. At the very same evening announce of the upcoming “Cats” show was tucked into my car. I didn’t had chance to watch this iconic performance earlier and immediately decided to use the opportunity. Read more

9 Sep 06
Somkiat Sae-sue (Tee)
Dick's Cafe Bangkok is very pleased that Khun Somkiat Sae-sue, Tee, is returning for a second show after last year's very successful exhibition. Color Figure is a study of the male body in vibrant colors. Not to be missed. Till October 12th. Read more

29 Jul 06
The Asian male nude
Liam’s Gallery in Pattaya announces its next major exhibition, "Absent - The Asian Male, Concentration on the Nude", by American artist M.P.D. The exhibition will feature several large-scale works, as well as a series of smaller pieces and a group of work ups for his paintings. The show opens 13 August and runs until 16 September 2006. Read more

12 May 06
The Return of Suchart Phumkhed
Artist Suchart Phumkhed (Aek) who is 27years old and comes from Roiet in Isaan has another exhibition at Dick’s Cafe Bangkok. Visit the show before it ends June 7. Read more

23 Jul 04
Life of Mind
My name is Aek and this will be my 3rd exhibition at Dick’s Café Bangkok and first of all, I would like to say thanks to Khun Lukas and all the others who gave me the chance to show my work again. ... Read more

13 Sep 02
Tiwa’s Exhibition
Since his first exhibition held at the now sadly closed “Utopia”, at the request of the proprietor of Dicks Café, Lukas Habersaat, Tiwa Napamamporn has staged an almost annual show at the very popular gay club. ... Read more

18 May 02
Exhibition at Dicks Cafe Bangkok
Born on 04 October 1964, Khun Peach has been working as an art teacher in a Catholic School, educating children in kindergarten, primary and high school level. His paintings have been exhibited bo... Read more

28 Feb 02
Khun Aek Strikes Again
“My name is Suchart Phumkhed (Aek); I was born on 12 March 1979 in Roi-et, A provincial City in Isaan. I lost my parents and was brought up by my sister from a young age. I had a hard and difficult childho... Read more

4 Feb 02
Li Ming Shun
Hard, muscled and primed with vigour-the male figure can be all of these, but too often that’s only how male bodies are presented, obscuring their subtler qualities. The cliché of the tough torso is so prevalen... Read more

29 Dec 01
Li Ming Shun
Hard, muscled and primed with vigour-the male figure can be all of these, but too often that’s only how male bodies are presented, obscuring their subtler qualities. The cliché of the tough torso is so prevalent in ... Read more

22 Dec 01
Show Me Yours
The moment of the beautiful youth, which I constantly paint, is just like a flower. It’s a ravishing bud, then a gorgeous rose, then it blows away,- says the artist Symon, whose oils of male figures are burst... Read more

20 Oct 01
CrossWorlds by Anan
Anan Thathamma was born in Prachinburi, Thailand in 1969, and grew up on the eastern seaboard, where he spent 12 years of his childhood living in a local temple and studying Buddhism and Sanskrit. Here he gained an appreciation... Read more

1 Aug 01
Suchart Phoomkhet: Creating Beauty
Young Mr. Suchart joined me at my table and yet again I marvelled at how sweet Thai artists are these days. Suchart (nickname "Aek") is from Roi-Et in the Northeast of Thailand. He impresses one immediately with his genuineness, and his excitement over his work. For someone who had not received a... Read more

1 Aug 01
Neil Gordon Lees is a fun kinda guy
“As a boy, I always had this awful feeling that I just didn’t fit in.That there was something wrong with me.” says Neil Gordon Lees, recalling his childhood in a small community north of Toronto. Neil, 43, has been a resident of Bangkok since 1997 . He’s Canadian, ... Read more

1 Aug 01
Beyond Mankind, Love Exists
An exciting new exhibition was put on display last month at the Telephone Pub. From 1 to 12 March ... Read more

1 Aug 01
Bangkok Gay Festival
So, for the Bangkok Gay Festival 2000 Art Exhibition at Dick’s Café who better to display one of his many other talents than Khun Odd-and it’s a display of artistic talent the type of which we have not been privileged ... Read more

17 Jul 01
Li Ming Shun-contemporary native Chinese artist
Li Ming Shun (who prefers to be known as Calvin) was born June 27, 1964 in Mainland China. He studied and graduated from the prestigious PLA Art Academy of China in Beijing in 1987. In 1989, he received a teaching visa to the University of Georgia, USA after an exhibit of his wo... Read more

2 Jun 01
Neung was born in Samut Prakan, on the southern outskirts of Bangkok. Neung’s interest in art started as a young child, when he visited his cousin, who was at architectural school. He would ask his cousin to draw pictures for him and then tell his frie... Read more
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