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Stories - Phuket, Thailand

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Stories - Phuket, Thailand
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24 Nov 06
I love Gay Phuket / I hate Gay Phuket
Arriving at Phuket airport the view is spectacular. As the plane gets closer and closer to the water you wonder whether or not you will make it this time as usual, or... and then you are quite sure, this time the plane is really going to fall into the Andaman sea. But then a secure touch down as always, the plane brakes and slowly follows the path to the terminal. Gay Phuket, here I am once more, I just love you! This is my twelfth - yes, correct, twelfth time in gay paradise. I just love gay Phuket!

Even arriving at Phuket airport is a pain in the ass. First of all the planes land far to close to the water, it looks very dangerous and - believe me - if in Thailand something looks dangerous, it normally is. My last trip in gay Phuket was definitely my last. Okay, the landscape of the so called Pearl of the Andaman is quite nice. But if you want to go to one of the unspoiled beaches, there is no gay night life whatsoever. So you always end up in sleazy gay Patong beach instead. I just hate gay Phuket! Read more

12 Jun 04
Alone In Patong (But Not For Long)
Patong Beach should be called Farang beach because thats what it is: A public pool for tourists spread over four kilometers of clean beach. There is a gay beach, Ive been told, but gays being so into-your-face all over the place, I didnt notice it. Maybe they should mark it with pink umbrellas. ... Read more

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