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Articles - Phuket, Thailand
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22 Dec 07
The Asian Faeries invite you to the 2008
Thursday, January 17 through Sunday, January 27, 2008 Gay men from around the world will converge on the magical island of Ko Yao Yai near Phuket, Thailand. Last year's gathering found 35 men beaming into our island paradise from the US, Middle East, Europe and all over Asia. This year we are again expecting a big turnout as those who attended from 2004 to 2007 spread the word throughout Asia and the world. So please plan ahead and register early as space is limited. Read more

19 May 07
Men in mind - Hiranyikara pampers body and soul
I had a tough time recently. Traveling gay Singapore, gay Cambodia and gay Thailand for six weeks with my friend David from Berlin took its toll. He was annoying. With relief, I finally waved him good-bye as the taxi drove off to Singapore`s Changi airport from where David flew back to his hometown Berlin. I needed a break. Phuket, I decided, is the perfect place to relax. Hence, I booked myself into the ever so welcoming Club One Seven B & B in Patong Beach. "I need to recharge my batteries", I tell Daniel. The manager of Patong`s gay boutique hotel Club One Seven smiles and says: "Why don`t you treat yourself with an indulgent afternoon at the new Spa for men Hiranyikara?" Sounded perfect to me. Daniel made a booking, arranged for a transport, since the Hiranyikara is in Kathu, 20 minutes by car from Patong. Read more

1 Apr 07
Elephants and gorgeous bodies Read this story in German
Phuket Pride big success. What a swell party. Three days and nights in a row gay tourists, expats and locals flocked to the gay extravaganza with brilliant fireworks, food stalls and the goodies of the major sponsor Singha Beer the Phuket Pride Committee has put up at the beach in Patong Beach. See the photo report. Read more

24 Nov 06
I love Gay Phuket / I hate Gay Phuket
Arriving at Phuket airport the view is spectacular. As the plane gets closer and closer to the water you wonder whether or not you will make it this time as usual, or... and then you are quite sure, this time the plane is really going to fall into the Andaman sea. But then a secure touch down as always, the plane brakes and slowly follows the path to the terminal. Gay Phuket, here I am once more, I just love you! This is my twelfth - yes, correct, twelfth time in gay paradise. I just love gay Phuket!

Even arriving at Phuket airport is a pain in the ass. First of all the planes land far to close to the water, it looks very dangerous and - believe me - if in Thailand something looks dangerous, it normally is. My last trip in gay Phuket was definitely my last. Okay, the landscape of the so called Pearl of the Andaman is quite nice. But if you want to go to one of the unspoiled beaches, there is no gay night life whatsoever. So you always end up in sleazy gay Patong beach instead. I just hate gay Phuket! Read more

9 Sep 06
Phuket Pride to Host Fifth Annual Strait Games
For the first time, Thailand will be hosting this fifth annual games which will be held in October from the 26 to 29, 2006. As the host organization, Phuket Pride will be responsible to coordinate a series of daily activities for the participants as well as the many sporting events. Read more

18 Feb 06
Phuket Gay Festival
Hello, this is Travis and I will report on my travels around Thailand from time to time. I was in Phuket for the Gay Festival What a Fun & Festive time all had at this years Festival. Now in its senventh year. I stayed at the Aquarius Guesthouse and Sauna, located in the Paradise Complex, ... Read more

19 Nov 05
State of the Nation: We are family - beware of poor relatives
What a swell party it was. Nine parties, to be precise, not to mention the separate ones for the lesbians. The much anticipated high season on Phuket started with great gay bang at the first weekend of November. Hundreds of gays and a few lesbians from all over Asia had found their... Read more

22 Oct 05
Club One Seven Re-Opened!
On 1st of September, Club One Seven Phuket opened its doors again, housed in a different building, the former Boutique Hotel, a few hundred meters from Patong beach. Daniel and the staff had one night to take over the hotel from the previous owners. What a funny feeling for the guest... Read more

22 Oct 05
Celebrating Phukets Revival
Ed.note: The writer is an avid international traveler whose primary residence is on Maui, Hawaii. On the morning of Dec. 26, 2004, I awoke to the sounds of police sirens and the clattering of helicopters circling Patong Beach. The first three waves of the now infamous tsunami had a... Read more

28 Jul 05
Bad luck for Singapore is good luck for Phuket
Gays in Singapore have to be clever to cope with their governments off and on attitude. What today is legal, might be forbidden tomorrow or not tolerated any longer-which has the same knockout effect. The newest example is the famous Nation party which used to be a successful event i... Read more

19 Jun 05
Join Club One Seven Phuket!
What was so special about Patongs Club One Seven Bed & Breakfast (and lunch and dinner), which the Tsunami destroyed? The location right on the beach? The interior decoration running from faded gay luxury to a brothel owners dream of aristocratic decadence? The bed & breakfast Spartan breakfast... Read more

13 May 05
Phuket (Gay Festival) revisited
I still felt queasy going to Phuket after the tsunami, but go I did for the annual Phuket Gay Festival, which had to be postponed twice--- firstly due to elections and then again because of the killer wave. Flying in to Phuket airport I looked down for signs of devastation left on... Read more

19 Mar 05
The Joys of Disaster Tourism
Wednesday, February 2nd: At the Bangkok airport there were lots of farang getting on three discount Thai Air Asia flights to Phuket. Maybe tourism was back on track. Thai International, in contrast, was still canceling flights. Maybe its because they serve no alcohol on domestic flights. I ... Read more

29 Jan 05
Patong Beach, Phuket. Still There???
Early in the morning of the 26 Th of December, a natural disaster hit many places in Asia. A disaster that according to experts, was the worst that has happened in this century. Our first thoughts go to the people, that have been injured, both locals and tourists, and to all re... Read more

21 Jan 05
TSUNAMI account from PATONG
Going through my head is "What the fuck am I doing rivited to the spot at the entrance of my hotel, mesmerised by the sight of a bloody great wall of water coming straight at me and which will possibly wipe us, and my hotel, out of existence ?" Through a numbness that had suddenly gripped me... Read more

5 Jan 05
Another Holiday in Paradise: From Club One Seven to Baan Mai
When I arrived at Club One Seven in Patong, their truly Royal Suite was ready for me. Soon, Yai showed up, the French-looking cabaret dancer from Uncle Charlies who broke my heart in March (see Alone in Patong), sweeter and prettier than I remembered. Before dinner, Yai and I re... Read more

12 Jun 04
Alone In Patong (But Not For Long)
Patong Beach should be called Farang beach because thats what it is: A public pool for tourists spread over four kilometers of clean beach. There is a gay beach, Ive been told, but gays being so into-your-face all over the place, I didnt notice it. Maybe they should mark it with pink umbrellas. ... Read more

3 Apr 04
The Erotic South
Yes, there is the Phuket gay festival with its great parade. Yes there are the Phuket bars and hotels and restaurants. Yes, there is the Rainbow Bar in Ao Nang, the beach town in Krabi pro... Read more

12 Feb 04
A very fine boat trip, indeed!
Ulf of Connect in Phuket had suggested that Thai Guys writes about their boat trip to Koh Kai for quite some time. So during the Phuket Gay Festival Suzy finally jumped on board. And I must say, it was great fun. They started thi... Read more

9 Jan 04
The Transition Of An Icon
The Icon Show Bar Pattaya was the talk of the town in SOME circles, but after relocating to Phuket they are the now the talk of both towns, in ALL circles. In Pattaya the ICON Show Bar earned a proud reputation for being very professional. However, the concept was originally geared... Read more
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