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SR Classics - Pattaya, Thailand

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SR Classics - Pattaya, Thailand
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18 Nov 06
A panorama of unique memories
You won`t believe this one: One night - it was during the past rainy season - I was sitting as usual in gay Boyztown watching all that rain come down. I had a first row seat at gay Panorama and was rather bored desultorily sipping a Heineken. Not far from me there was a gorgeous young blond also counting all those rain drops falling in the soi. Soi watching is the main attraction of gay Panorama but that night the nearly deserted soi offered little to the jaded eye. Suddenly I realized that blond was watching me out of the corner of his eyes, quite intently. Normally I am not interested in gay Farangs, why should I live in gay Thailand otherwise? But that guy really had the looks. Like a younger brother of Brad Pitt. Not as muscular, of course, more angelic and with long blond hair. A gay dream come true. Read more

11 Nov 06
I love gay Pattaya / I hate gay Pattaya
Pattaya is the Bangkok gay Beach, I just wish I could stay down here all week. But, alas, not yet, I still have to earn a buck or two in the next few years. Sometimes I stay at the Ambiance, my favourite gay hotel, if I am in a downtown mood. Last time I tried gay Howards hotel. Next time I will give the new Sansuk gay sauna and gay hotel a try, (at lest the gay Sansuk sauna is supposed to open soon, the gay Sansuk Hotel in a few months). Any of these gay places make you feel at home amongst your own. Pattaya is the essence of gay high life! I just love gay Pattaya. Read more

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