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Accounts & Advice - Nong Khai, Thailand

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Accounts & Advice - Nong Khai, Thailand
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30 Mar 13
A monk making and pay-day in Nong Khai
Those deals with the invisible powers can be as complex as a complicated merger is in real business. Khun Amorn apparently had promised to become a monk for the duration of 15 days, if the land and the car deal went both through. And as the old Romans already knew pacta sunt servanda, agreements must be kept. And this is especially true in dealing with such mighty business partners. So Khun Amorn moved from gay Pattaya to not so terribly gay Nong Khai and overlooked the renovation (new painting) of Castelgandolfo II. Around 300 guests were invited for the grand monk making party and Khun Amorn wanted to receive his many guests in style, in a clean or even immaculate place. Read more

10 Nov 12
Gay Nong Khai: Back to school again
At the table besides them was a mother with her effeminate son and his lady-boy lover. Naturally your heroine watched them from the corners of her eyes but was not at least attracted by any of them. So another sip of ice cold beer and some snacks until the next race took some attention. But then two gorgeous young men arrived together on a bike wearing unusually fancy clothes for Nong Khai. Your heroine could no longer master her eyes which followed the two sexy guys all over. In her mind Suzy Size was undressing them slow motion and was now having sex with both of them, neglecting the boat races at the shore of the Mekhong. Were they twins or just mysterious brothers? Read more

11 Feb 12
Not a lost weekend in gay Nong Khai
Saturday night Suzy Size and Connie Lingus had a splendid hot pot dinner at the banks of the Mekhong. Then the two grey ladies entered New Oasis Bar which reopened under new ownership just recently. This is the only gay host bar of Nong Khai and when Suzy entered that place the first time on a visit in January, Keekee, the manager, first thought Miss Size was a so called real man. This time around accompanied by super flamboyant Connie Lingus there was not the shadow of a doubt about the real nature of your heroine. The only host that night, Khun Ting, was 24 years old and joined the two femmes fatales at their table. Suzy Size at one point she was slightly drunk squeezed one of his sizeable nipples and then inquired about an in-house short time room, but they have no such emergency facility at New Oasis. Read more

27 Nov 10
With Suzy Size in Castelgandolfo 2
After a - once more - inspiring and refreshing, but also exhausting stay in Bangkok, for me the first time in well known, but somehow dubiously reputed Malaysia Hotel, I was looking forward to meet Suzy Size for our short trip to Siem Reap, where we met her extremely amiable (and absolutely not grandmotherly) friend Eva, before we finally headed to Castelgandolfo 2, the pompous second residence of our heroine in Nong Khai. Read more

9 Oct 10
A small bird with a big headache
One of the evenings Michaela and Suzy went to Caf Tasadej, just around the corner of the travel agency at the Mekong river, and one of the waiters caught the eye of your horny heroine. He is sweet 28 and a typical Suzy Size hunk with lots of muscles. Your slimy heroine smiled at him a lot and tipped him well. He returned that knowing smile. And she will be back next months and then try to befriend him. So be warned, Patrick in Zurich, when you come along to Nong Khai with your heroine next month, Suzy Size reserves the jus primae noctis for said marble, behave! Read more

10 Oct 09
The famous boat races of Nong Khai
One major change, however, was noticeable, there were many more young Gothois (lady boys) out there this year. For instance a now fifteen year old nephew of Khun Amorn who acts effeminate since he was five years of age. Another very young nephew is not sure yet if he may join the Gothoi Association of Nong Khai, but to the seasoned eyes of Suzy Size it looks like that.
One cute very young Gothoi who had caught an old and really ugly farang already flirted restlessly with your heroine behind the back of said man. Suzy was flattered, but was more interested in the manly rowers which were themselves busy with the famous boat races and not into hanky panky right now.
Suzy surely will see some of them back in Jomtien beach. Read more

24 Mar 07
An outstanding son of gay Asia
About five years ago when I finished building my house in Nong Khai (where my very gay Thai boy friend comes from but we met in gay Bangkok, of course) I most naturally stayed at the famous Pantawee City Hotel, which is certainly gay friendly with very openly gay Manger John (who could even be characterized as being flamboyant) and the "gay" hotel owner Noporn who by surgery successfully overcame the mistake made by nature allowing her be born in a male body. Read more

12 Aug 06
Wrong sex on the Sunday outing
But suddenly-it had never happened before-the group had an idea. Let us go to the famous Thantong Waterfall on the Mekong river next Sunday. Well... and here we are. Read more

17 Jun 06
Nong Khai: Springboard to Laos
Nong Khai might not be on the short list of all gay travellers to Thailand, but it should be on that of those who would like to visit Laos. Nong Khai is the ideal springboard to Laos, it can easily be reached by all kinds of transport. The night life of Nong Khai may not be thriving compared with Bangkok, but you still can enjoy two or three nights without getting bored to death. Read more

22 Oct 05
The Pantawee Hotel in Nong Khai
I journey to Nong Khai from Bangkok by Nok Air, which offers round trips for under 3,000 Baht. The airport is at Udon Thani, a 45 minute drive along the new highway into Nong Khai where the staff of the Pantawee are waiting to welcome visitors. The King of Thailand, grateful t... Read more

30 Jun 04
Nong Khai City has finally come of age or
The cover boy of our last issue (Thai Guys 38) was praised and appreciated by so many readers. He really has the looks and, of course, he is from Nong Khai, originally (not the City, but at least the Province). I first met him in Phuket, but in the meantime he has moved on to the big mango of this... Read more
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