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Stories - Koh Samui, Thailand

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Stories - Koh Samui, Thailand
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16 Feb 08
There is gay night life on Koh Samui nowadays, but not like in Pattaya naturally
The first night in Koh Samui I went bar hoping in Chaweng which is the preferred beach if you want to go out at night. And, contrary to former visits, the gay night life has increased tremendously on Koh Samui. So the first picture I got from the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and the World was indeed correct. K-Club (behind the first Starbucks) has been there before and it was a bit too obvious when that Isahn hunk pointed to his big cock and offered a massage, too little romance involved even for hard boiled Suzy Size, too fleshly, too direct. Read more

2 Feb 08
Gay life has tremendously increased on Koh Samui
Sticky Rice Gay Guide made in Asia for the World has not visited Koh Samui for one and a half years now. So how the hell do we know that gay life has increased on Koh Samui tremendously in the meantime as our title suggests? Well, through our Pink Pages. As Suzy is preparing herself to visit that paradise island once more she has diligently studied all the entries made by the gay entrepreneurs on Koh Samui or by our restless staff. Have a look for yourself if you do not believe her assessment. Read more

12 May 07
Has Thailand`s gay scene come of age?
Many people believe that the gay scene develops in similar ways around the world. First there are only public parks and street corners where people can go to meet. Then a gay bar and night club scene develops. Next charities and support groups are formed and gay people help each other to combat health, social and family issues. Finally, when gay people are out and proud and happy with who they are, they want to enjoy social and recreational activities with other like-minded people. Read more

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