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9 Sep 06
Tropical Malady
When I first saw the title "Tropical Malady" somewhere on Internet, I believed it was Melody (Thais often misspell words). When I got my parcel with a DVD that still had the same spelling on the cover, I was amused. Only after watching the movie did I go to my friend Google and ask him what malady means. Read more

22 Jul 06
Good intentions
Only the housewives on the jury would have believed that Andrew Becket only cheated once on his boyfriend in one of those famous movie theaters! Come on, be reasonable. If you live in Thailand you will never buy that at all. It is like telling people you go to Babylon for the food... Read more

8 Jul 06
Not in Kansas anymore
Would you believe it? Until last night extremely well educated and highly intelligent Suzy Size had a huge blind spot! She knew, of course, quite a few friends of Dorothy’s from here and there and also over there, but the poor creature had no idea where the oft’ used term derives from. Read more

10 Jun 06
Life is a Cabaret
Another night, another movie-from the famous collection of Suzy Size: The title of this still wonderful movie that has aged little over the years is as true in Bangkok today as it was in Berlin then: "Life is a Cabaret". What good is it, after all, sitting alone in your room? Go to the Cabaret. Or Babylon or one of the endless Go-Gos, or Balcony or Dick’s Cafe. Just don’t stay home, it might be lethal. Remember: Most people die in bed and most of them alone. Life is life threatening. Read more

27 May 06
Mighty moved by movies
Ageing is difficult sometimes - it is not only about looks, skin, wrinkles, belly, double chins, foul odour from the mouth, underarms and between legs, grey or no hair---all these deficiencies of age are obstacles that can be overcome, at least in Thailand. Read more

21 Jan 06
Rainbow Buzzzz
There was that face. Smiling at me from advertisements on the Bangkok Skytrain. He had smiled at me the night before. Young, fragile, defensive, hopeful, loving. The smiles came from the screen at the House art theatre on up-scale, hi-so Royal City Avenue in Bangkok. All part of the first run of the movie “Rainbow Boys”. Read more

28 Jul 05
Down the River
“Down the River” is a gay movie directed by Anucha Boonyawatana. Krit (played by the handsome actor Prakasit Horwannapakorn) and Vin (played by sexy Napong Viriyasomboon) are two high-school students before graduation. Can two boys’ first love survive the demands of becoming adults? Like Wong Kar... Read more

29 Jan 05
Alexander The Gay?
No stranger to controversy, Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone has come under fire from modern day Greek lawyers for suggesting in his new biopic “Alexander” that Alexander the Great was bisexual-which is generally accepted as common knowledge. Stone was quoted as saying (before the film’s release... Read more

12 Mar 04
Remembering Sabu, “The Elephant Boy”
The first Asian boy that I fell in love with was the Indian-born, film-star Sabu who romped across exotic Hollywood adventure pix mostly half-naked or in a revealing loin cloth. He was the cheeky urchin of... Read more
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