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Stories - Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Stories - Chiang Mai, Thailand
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6 Aug 11
A virtual escape to gay Chiang Mai
Three full months have passed since the glorious return of your travelling heroine to Pattaya, a long, long time for your still restless Miss Size. Suzy Size would like to flee the scene, she has not been anywhere - for ages, it seems! Her thoughts fly to gay Chiang Mai of which she has such fond memories. She might take the overnight train there, and, naturally, she would stay at Soho Bar and Guesthouse again. Owner Scott is a perfect host and in the evening Miss Size would check out, whether wonderful Tan is still working thereand maybe he would not be as unreachable as two years ago Read more

30 Oct 09
Secrets and dreams revealed during drunken nights
Suzy Size had a splendid time when revisiting gay Chiang Mai recently. The scene has increased enormously in the last few years. Have a look at the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. All those different massage places alone are very inviting. Suzy was sitting in her room and checked them all out thanks to Wifi. Was she going over to Lavender Lanna massage? River House Massage looked inviting, too. But first she went for a walk. Since Suzy was walking near Classic House that fair afternoon, she decided to give it another try, never change a winning horse, your heroine has been here before and then came out very satisfied. Read more

23 Oct 09
Chiang Mai: The biggest gay hotel of the world
Suzy Size got her act together and fled the boredom of her self inflicted hibernation in Pattaya. Rumor had it that a fantastic new gay hotel had opened in Chiang Mai. With over 100 rooms, dedicated massage boys, show, 24 hours restaurant this sounded heavenly. So your horny heroine was curious as always, wanted to know the truth, see for herself, shed fact from fiction and booked an inexpensive flight up there. Read more

18 Nov 06
I love gay Chiang Mai
I had always taken my gay holidays in Thailand in Pattaya or Bangkok, or both-having limited time for simply site-seeing and wanting to take full and carnal advantage of the gorgeous gay youths available in both those places. However, I was persuaded by a friend to visit him at his home in the mountains north of Chiang Mai and, before spending a day or two with him, I decided to stay in gay town of Chiang Mai City and "test the water" as it were. Read more

18 Nov 06
I hate gay Chiang Mai
Why all this glowing praise for Chiang Mai? It is just a dull provincial town in the north of Thailand full of brash young, co-ed, hetero back-packers and too few places for a respectable gay cruiser to go. Not only is it dull it so far from the sea! Holidays, from my youth (a long time ago I`ll admit) have always meant the seaside and without the sound of the surf, however mild, and the smell of sea borne ozone, a holiday is just not a holiday. More importantly, where, without a gay beach, can you see the display of bronze and tan bodies with well defined pecs, washboard stomachs and tight buns that offer themselves for the visual (and more) delectation of the lick-lipping elder gentlemen (like myself) who throng to Pattaya`s beach, for example. Read more
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