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Stories - Bangkok, Thailand

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Stories - Bangkok, Thailand
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26 Jun 10
A night in Bangkok makes a hard man stumble
Your old heroine can still be spontaneous, last Saturday morning she called the Malaysia hotel in Bangkok and made a reservation for that very night. Occupation of hotels all over Thailand is not very high these days, so one even can get a room at normally so well booked Malaysia at short notice for a dirty weekend. (Sorry, Eduard, to have borrowed your term dirty weekend without paying any royalties, but it really describes the plan so accurately.) Suzy Size grabbed her tooth brush, the shaver, some condoms, a shirt and one underwear and off she was in the drivers seat. Read more

24 Feb 08
Incredible gay Bangkok - a good man from Chiang Mai Read this story in German
The guy started by washing her feet, then massaging them. He was very good at it. Slight back ground music to relax. Bit by bit he worked himself up the legs of Suzy. This guy was excellent with a magic touch and extremely big hands and boy he had especially big fingers. Suzy got a hard on. Did he notice? Read more

17 Nov 07
The long way to gay Jomtien beach 3 too much sex
We had less and less sex together, became one of those old couples. But our dogs seemed to have more and more sex. Several were born and several died. All the pet poodles, thank God. I never had a problem being gay, but had a problem showing this very fact through possession of pet poodles. Read more

13 Oct 07
The World famous Zurich Ballet was in Bangkok Read this story in German
When Suzy heard the news she was thrilled: The famous Zurich Opera Ballet was to perform in Bangkok with A Midsummer Night`s Dream. It was obvious, our lazy heroine had to leave her comfortable beach chair in Jomtien gay beach for once and just had to head to Bangkok immediately where she arrived a few days before opening night. She was going to write articles concerning this monumental performance for several papers and media (like Sticky Rice Gay Guide World) and therefore had access to the rehearsals at Thailand Cultural Centre. Read more

9 Dec 06
I love gay Bangkok / I hate gay Bangkok
Arriving in gay Bangkok is so civilized (compared to gay Manila, you know what I mean...). You just walk up to the arrivals of the new airport building and wave down a Taxi. It is so convenient and cheap. Twenty minutes later you are enjoying the warm welcome from the boys in the lobby of gay Tarntawan Place and you know you are in good hands (and I mean very good-nudge, nudge). But advance booking is advisable since you are not the only gay traveler to Bangkok that has ever stayed or been laid there - and those that stay once stay again if they visit gay Bangkok.

Driving from my home in Pattaya to gay Bangkok is really a pain in the ass. The bottleneck on the way to Silom (where the action and gay heaven is located in Bangkok) starts early and ends two hours later at Tarntawan Place, this unique gay Bangkok hotel being the only good thing that can be said about bloody gay Bangkok. Read more

4 Nov 06
A gay place you can even take mother
So anyway darling, as soon as we got the news, for some reason I immediately thought of the Tarntawan Hotel in Bangkok. We had such a lovely time there and so Ive booked a flight to Bangkok from Vancouver next week and you must fly in by this weekend. Ursula doesnt seem to relish a trip right now so well go together, just you and me, mother and son, just like old times. Read more

14 Oct 06
Love Secrets from the Lobby of the Tarntawan place II
You both like shopping. You enjoy his happiness when you buy him what he didnt dare to ask for The more money you spend for him, the more Lek feels like a prostitute, the more he wants to look like a young salary man in black pants and white shirt Read more

30 Sep 06
Tarntawan Place Hotel - A place you can even take mother
Did you see that pretty flag dear? mother asked as I eyed the contours of the bellboy taking our luggage. I cringed. Yes, I had seen the rainbow flag fluttering in the breeze on Surawong. But I didnt think mother would. Read more

10 Sep 05
Theres No Business Like gogo.
(This story is based on a true incident. The bar is no longer open - another victim to the economics of social order. The performers? Well maybe training the MRT (accident prone Bangkok underground rail system) in safety procedures!) Show business is so diverse and as the immortal Irving w... Read more

13 May 05
Yuth Wakes Up
The sun was already shedding heat when Yuth wakened. He had scored big last night. Not only one but two customers had considerably lighter wallets. The first encounter was a relative quickie with a boring, somewhat pudgy, Finn, who, between gales of unexplained laughter, kept repeating, Oh, my g... Read more

10 Nov 04
More Confessions of a Barboy: Min
Aged 18 or 19, Min is the quintessential barboy at the outset of his career, having arrived in Bangkok (which he still calls Krung Thep) only a month ago. He hails from Khon Khaen in northern Isaan where Thailand imperceptibly morphs into Laos in culture and language. Min is straight but adapting,... Read more

28 Jul 04
Those were the days, my friend!
Remember, when you first came to Thailand? How enchanting everything seemed then! How wonderful and strange and unbelievable. Everybody seemed to smile at you. The odours in the streets were rich and every detail of daily life was sooo fantastic, sooo exotic, sooo interesting. Those were the da... Read more

8 Jun 02
There is a Fifth Dimension...
Along busy Suriwongse Road, choked with cars, taxis, buses, touts plying their trade for the Patpong market clientele a hive of heterosexual and commercial activity. A market for trinkets of every type but not the trinket you are seeking - not many of those slim hipped beauties to be found there. ... Read more

9 Oct 01
Storm in Soi 4
The drops glistening on the young man’s pale caf? au lait skin caught Leo’s alert eye and caused a dull thud in his heart as exquisite male beauty always did. In his tank top, the ripped stud looked like exhibit number one for a muscle bar. Like many temporary Bangkokians, Leo h... Read more

1 Sep 01
I Remember it Well
Thai Guys promotes a rather interesting little tome called Friendly Siam, Thailand in the 1920’s as a Gay guide to Thailand in the 1920s. When I asked for a copy at my friendly Bookazine store the lady serving me asked where I had heard of this book as it was one of their biggest sellers - God, we c... Read more

7 Aug 01
Cruising The Sexy Skytrain
It was late afternoon, midweek and I was finishing off a few errands around town. Standing on the station platform at Sala Daeng (Freeman’s Dark Room) Station, I noticed a familiar face on the opposite platform. It was someone I had met briefly on Jomtien beach; we had shared a Cornetto, made an a... Read more

1 Aug 01
Date with an Angel
This wasn’t at all what Neil had expected. There was no "motocy," no freestyle pizza, and, worse, no garlic bread. The youth had dismounted from a garuda and was dressed in a multi-coloured, gracefully draped sarong. The ... Read more
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