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News & Events - Bangkok, Thailand

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News & Events - Bangkok, Thailand
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13 Oct 07
The World famous Zurich Ballet was in Bangkok Read this story in German
When Suzy heard the news she was thrilled: The famous Zurich Opera Ballet was to perform in Bangkok with A Midsummer Night`s Dream. It was obvious, our lazy heroine had to leave her comfortable beach chair in Jomtien gay beach for once and just had to head to Bangkok immediately where she arrived a few days before opening night. She was going to write articles concerning this monumental performance for several papers and media (like Sticky Rice Gay Guide World) and therefore had access to the rehearsals at Thailand Cultural Centre. Read more

3 Feb 07
New gay hotel in Bangkok
Even though you are living in gay Pattaya, the necessity may arise to visit the capital of Thailand once in a while - then combine this visit with having another look at the night life of gay Bangkok. Since most of the gay bars, gay go-gos, gay massage parlors and gay discos are located in the Silom and Suriwong area, it is advisable to search for suitable accommodation right there. Try the new gay hotel in Bangkok, it is very well located. Read more

28 Oct 06
Gay Pride Parade Bangkok November 5
The Bangkok Pride Festival is on this week. Besides some sporting events coming week the Bangkok Pride (Gay) Festival is culminating next weekend with Pride in the Park upcoming Saturday (November 4) and the Pride Parade from 4 pm onwards Sunday (November 5) at the traditional site in Silom area. For details you can go to:

9 Sep 06
Somkiat Sae-sue (Tee)
Dick's Cafe Bangkok is very pleased that Khun Somkiat Sae-sue, Tee, is returning for a second show after last year's very successful exhibition. Color Figure is a study of the male body in vibrant colors. Not to be missed. Till October 12th. Read more

16 Dec 04
Utopia Awards 2004
The 2004 Utopia Awards were presented to 5 eminently suitable recipients at Roxy in Silom Soi 4 on Friday 19 November as part of the Bangkok Pride festival. One of the joys of thi... Read more

23 Jul 04
Life of Mind
My name is Aek and this will be my 3rd exhibition at Dick’s Caf Bangkok and first of all, I would like to say thanks to Khun Lukas and all the others who gave me the chance to show my work again. ... Read more

9 Apr 03
New Board for the BPC
After some minor changes of the bylaws and some criticism about the handling of the media partnerships in 2002, the annual general meeting of the Bangkok Pride Coalition (BPC) came to the main point on the agend... Read more

18 Dec 02
Bangkok Pride 2002
What began way back in May with the Soi 4 Pink Party hosted by Sphinx, Telephone Pub and The Balcony, followed by events in Soi Pratoochai (now variously known as Soi Boy, Soi Twilight or Soi Dicks), Freemans... Read more

16 Nov 02
Amazing Bangkok Pride 2002
As the beloved Noel (Coward) said to and of the irrepressible Gertie (Lawrence), Legitimate at last. Wont mother be pleased. And what could be more legitimate than a press conference at the Pan Pacific Hotel in front of the mainstream and Gay media with a Deputy Prime Minister, ... Read more

18 May 02
Exhibition at Dicks Cafe Bangkok
Born on 04 October 1964, Khun Peach has been working as an art teacher in a Catholic School, educating children in kindergarten, primary and high school level. His paintings have been exhibited bo... Read more

10 Apr 02
Bangkok Pride Coalition in 2002
Bangkok Pride Coalition has announced Bangkok Pride Week 2002, which begins with a kick-off party on Friday, November 8. Sporting events, art shows, a video/film festival and parties take place throughout the week that f... Read more

28 Feb 02
Khun Aek Strikes Again
My name is Suchart Phumkhed (Aek); I was born on 12 March 1979 in Roi-et, A provincial City in Isaan. I lost my parents and was brought up by my sister from a young age. I had a hard and difficult childho... Read more

22 Dec 01
Show Me Yours
The moment of the beautiful youth, which I constantly paint, is just like a flower. It’s a ravishing bud, then a gorgeous rose, then it blows away,- says the artist Symon, whose oils of male figures are burst... Read more

8 Dec 01
Utopia Awards 2001 - An Evening of Excellence
Held in Pharaoh’s, the upstairs Karaoke Bar above Sphinx on Soi 4, on November 2nd, 2001, the Utopia Awards this year were noteworthy for going truly international. It was a fun evening. The food was good. Freeman provided... Read more

20 Oct 01
CrossWorlds by Anan
Anan Thathamma was born in Prachinburi, Thailand in 1969, and grew up on the eastern seaboard, where he spent 12 years of his childhood living in a local temple and studying Buddhism and Sanskrit. Here he gained an appreciation... Read more

17 Sep 01
Bangkok Pride Coalition is Born
I was the only woman (and undercover for Thai Guys) at the beginnings of the Bangkok Pride Coalition (BPC) but I dressed butch so nobody clued in to my real gender. The group was noteworthy at its last meeting on September 12th, because Khun Natee of FACT showed up with a group of Thai men which mad... Read more

1 Aug 01
Utopia hands out awards to the stars of Gay 2000
Utopia, as part of the Bangkok Gay Festival, pulled off a class act at its awards ceremony held at Eat Me Restaurant on November 4th. The crme de la crme were in attendance and the restaurant passed around a delectable... Read more

1 Aug 01
Body Art in Bangkok
Bangkokians got a treat in September with the weekend Body Art Asia show, billed, or rather hyped, as "Asia’s First Body Art Festival-after a media barrage, mostly on UBC, one of the sponsors. It was supposed to ... Read more

1 Aug 01
Bangkok Gay Festival 2000
The Bangkok Gay Festival 2000 has now happened and it’s time to look back on the event and learn for next year. BGF 2000 started off in April with a press launch at The Balcony and there were ... Read more

14 Jun 01
Bangkok Gay Festival 2001
The Bangkok Gay Festival 2001 had its launch at DJ Station in Silom Soi 2 on Sunday 3 June. Pakorn Pimton, the festival’s creative director and guiding light of the previous two very successful gay festivals, took to the stage with his group and performe... Read more
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