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Articles - Thailand
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14 Jan 12
Pattaya is full of gay Russians
But that not too young man just kept staring at Suzy Size. Weird, Suzy thought. And then he even smiled at your heroine. A timid, but beautiful smile. Strange, Suzy thought. But then your old heroine remembered: Decades ago, when a man looked at her with that kind of face, that kind of smile, he fancied her. Could that be the case here and now? After all, that guy in his thirties was not bad looking, not bad looking at all. He had a well trained body from the gym. So your encouraged heroine asked him the old, silly question that Suzy always asks in that very situation: Where are you from? He was from Russia. Read more

7 Jan 12
Gay Pattaya: The most important was?
The frantic gardening of your heroine got another boost towards the end of the year. Suzy and the brother in law the one that sells her precious and rare plants at the plants weekend market in Nakluea - went to a plant fair in Bangkok where they met a most interesting supplier. Not only got the man vanilla, but also 7 different varieties of fig trees, black moon passion fruits from Mexico, rare black bananas from Papua New Guinea, red bananas from Israel, one banana type that reaches 14 meters in height and so on. Your gardening heroine did not know that Vanilla is an orchid and has planted one in the luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo. Besides these so interesting plants, the first cocoa plants are for sale now as well. Besides macadamia, rosemary, gac, date palms from Syria, three passion fruit varieties, red lipstick shrubs, screw pines, nutmeg and so on. Suzy Size is full of hope and enthusiasm and has high expectations for 2012. This was at least a terrific start so far! And the Mia Noi has time too again Read more

17 Dec 11
Anniversary at Panorama gay pub Pattaya
One highlight on the gay agenda of Pattaya in December is always the annual birthday party at Panorama, the oldest gay Pub of Pattaya, located right in the center of Boyztown. It took place Saturday last week and it was actually can you believe it? - the 12th anniversary! Time just flies. Read more

10 Dec 11
Inexpensive and good gay Pattaya hotel
A confession has to be made to you, gay visitor of Pattaya: For a while your heroine Suzy Size has not been faithful and shamelessly whored around. The Mia Noi is now working in a restaurant and has moved back to the house of a former steady guy of Miss Size. For that reason, Suzy cannot meet him in his room to avoid loss of face to his buddy and landlord. It is actually quite absurd or very Thai! But another colleague from the restaurant would borrow his room nearby that restaurant for the short time encounters that naturally still take place. The problem was, this room was a bit smelly... Read more

3 Dec 11
Now open: Gay Pattaya accommodation
Baan Souy (beautiful house) Resort has opened now and is the newest addition to the gay community of Pattaya. The stylish new resort is the brainchild of Jim Lumsden and Gordon May who are recognized as the founding fathers of legendary Boyztown. Jim, as everybody knows, still runs Boyzboyzboyz and has some marvelous new boys. Have a look at the pictures. Read more

5 Nov 11
Gay architect in Pattaya or Thailand: If you need one?
Elmar Kleiner for instance has created a minimalistic, luxurious and highly functional private residence on a steep piece of land along a stunning 140 m beach front in Pattaya. The ensemble is a composition of a main house with several subordinate houses and generous outdoor areas, including a wide flamboyant stair and a 30 m swimming pool. The residential area consists of stunning 4500 square meters, the ceiling is 3.60 m high and the bathroom alone is 36 square meters. Hiring a gay architect has many advantages, you laugh and talk about the same things and you can be sure that there are no eyebrows raised if you want to have for instance - your own and private darkroom built. Read more

29 Oct 11
Cocoa beans brought to gay Pattaya!
When Suzy Size read this week (whilst in Saigon) that the airport in Bangkok had shut down due to the severe flooding, she became a bit nervous. So far her trip to Vietnam had been a big success. Not only had she met some interesting gay Vietnamese characters on her newest adventure trip, she also had retrieved 8 kilo of precious cocoa fruits containing the priceless fresh beans that only can germinate within two weeks, once they are taken from their pods. And she had also bought 10 cocoa seedlings. (The arduous details of this mad and hilarious undertaking will be fully revealed to the readers of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World at a later date.) And now the airport had closed! Read more

22 Oct 11
A gay Thai-Thai love drama in Pattaya
Be warned, gay traveler to Pattaya and the world in general, this is the sad tale of a gay Thai-Thai love affair that did not take place or originate from Boyztown or start at Sunee Plaza, the unlucky lovers met through a Thai gay dating website. A young man just madly fell in love with another, but this apparent love was one sided which lead to threats of violence and stalking. Read more

8 Oct 11
Is that gay dream available in Pattaya?
Another week has been spent or is it wasted? by your almost divine heroine Suzy Size. Not by searching for the juiciest gay asses in the phenomenal Pattaya Boyztown or at equally tempting Sunee Plaza, but with frantic gardening or maybe rather marketing. As the regular readers of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia regarding Pattaya do know by now by heart, your silly heroine has a not so secret plan to get rich quickly by selling her fast growing, but unique plants in large numbers at extremely elevated prices and thus financing her many sex trips around the world. It is the noble cause of the Eternal Gay World Friendship Tour to describe the whole fucking world from a gay perspective. But this task not only asks for a lot of stamina, it is a costly pet project of your heroine. Anyway, last weekend was the hour of truth, the Thai brother in law of Miss Size took a truckload of Graviola, Lipstick trees, bottle plants, passion fruit vines, red Italian basil and other rare green stuff to the plants market in Nakluea. Read more

1 Oct 11
Just a few postcards from gay Pattaya
Last Saturday your humble heroine Suzy Size once more moved her ass to the incredible plants market in Nakluea as a spy. This weekend her brother in law will start selling there all the precious plants Miss Size is growing in her luscious gardens surrounding her Castelgandolfo residence. And to know what the enemy (the competitors) is offering seems to be adamant. There were those incredible masculine bananas for sale there and it goes without saying your old size queen just had to buy them Read more

24 Sep 11
Stylish new gay Pattaya accommodation
Baan Souy Resort is still under construction at the moment, but the end of the works is in sight. The first guests are scheduled to move in by the beginning of November and anybody that knows perfectionist Jim Lumsden is sure, the place will be up and running days before the deadline. The new stylish accommodation is located in Thappraya Road, Soi 15. Read more

17 Sep 11
No sexy gay stuff from Pattaya this week
Look, dear user of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia regarding Pattaya and Thailand as a whole, do not be disappointed! The blog this week does not contain any juicy stories about sheer incredible adventures of your heroine in Boyztown or at equally interesting Sunee Plaza. Suzy Size is fully focused on other interesting shapes and forms than male tits and asses. She is preparing for P day that could make or break the long term financial well being of Miss Size and her eternal Gay World Friendship Tour, momentarily stuck in good old Pattaya Let us face an inconvenient truth, neither did you out there in the fog support Miss Size enough, in her noble cause, to describe the whole fucking world from a gay perspective, when it comes to sending or pledging money. Read more

6 Aug 11
A virtual escape to gay Chiang Mai
Three full months have passed since the glorious return of your travelling heroine to Pattaya, a long, long time for your still restless Miss Size. Suzy Size would like to flee the scene, she has not been anywhere - for ages, it seems! Her thoughts fly to gay Chiang Mai of which she has such fond memories. She might take the overnight train there, and, naturally, she would stay at Soho Bar and Guesthouse again. Owner Scott is a perfect host and in the evening Miss Size would check out, whether wonderful Tan is still working thereand maybe he would not be as unreachable as two years ago Read more

30 Jul 11
Pattaya for the gay love hungry novice, part 2
But even if you should be a resident of Pattaya, now the sun is going down and you may be ready for a sundowner, after those many beach massages, porn DVDs, fruits, seafood and junk offered to you by diligent vendors. You may choose Bondi bar and guest house for such an undertaking which is located right at the entrance to gay Jomtien beach and is quite popular with elder and some younger gentleman. You can sit on their terrace overlooking the walkway and there might be your prince charming walking by. Just smile at him and if he (surprisingly, surprisingly!) responds, quickly invite him for a drink. Read more

23 Jul 11
Gay Pattaya for the sex hungry novice, part 1
How would you, gay resident of Pattaya, describe this fair town to a novice, a first time visitor of Thailand? Yes, even though it is hard to believe, there still are a few of those very nave and certainly deprived people out there in the wide world, that have never even heard of Jomtien beach, Boyztown or Sunee Plaza, nor can they imagine, what they might experience in those almost magic places. So Suzy Size, for once in a quite motherly mood, will take the newcomers by her (handsome) hand and lead them around the many wonders and delights of so unique gay Pattaya. Read more

16 Jul 11
Only small gay news from Pattaya this week
Your polygamous heroine Suzy Size might try a new massage boy from Jomtien beach for a so called massage in the room which is code for gay sex and many of them will gladly do that, including the desired happy ending. (Others will refuse, but this is rather rare.) Just recently she took there a certain Nitnoi for the first time, an optically quite sexy guy with tattoos from Udon Thani, who is quite a heavy smoker. When your heroine finally left D. D. Inn after that massage and short time, she felt much as if she had smoked a whole pack of cigarettes herself and is therefore not so sure that this experience in the near or distant future - will be repeated. Read more

9 Jul 11
Sexy gay ghosts and the Pattaya gardens
Look, gay or straight visitors of Pattaya or Thailand as a whole, there are ghosts or spirits loose in this kingdom. Your heroine has never seen any, but what does that proof after all? Do you ask a blind man for the right way, if you are lost?
When Khun Amorn suddenly saw some ghosts the other night, he got so scared or even frightened, he bumped the car quite badly.
Look, your heroine finds drunk driving after extensive reveling at the gay bars in Pattaya, seeing a many sexy (g)hosts there on stage - the more plausible explanation, but not the boyfriend of so many years. At least he told the insurance, he tried to avoid a dog instead of ghosts, heading the advice of Miss Size. Read more

2 Jul 11
Gay Pattaya parties at sexy Happy Place
Time just flies! Last Tuesday the gay community of Pattaya was invited to celebrate the one year anniversary of Happy Place, the sexy male host bar around the corner of Boyztown. Another year has passed already! The party started after 9 pm with a succulent free buffet containing lots of different goodies. The entrance ticket to Happy Place was at 300 Baht not only reasonable, but dirt cheap. It included no less than three drinks and was also a raffle ticket. The guests and hosts equally were not shy to have a bite or two, the food was absolutely delicious and plentiful. Read more

11 Jun 11
Gay Pattaya meets at Funny Boys Boyztown
The annual party at Funny Boys which is usually held during low season - is a must for any gay resident of Pattaya and a happy crowd gathered at this so well managed go-go bar in Boyztown Thursday night. There was a free succulent buffet ready for the invited guests and friends of this Pattaya institution which celebrated can you believe it? its seventh anniversary that night. Read more

4 Jun 11
Pattaya: Gay entertainment at Boyz Boyz Boyz gets a boost

Changes take place at the traditional Pattaya gay meeting place of good old Boyztown. Jim Lumsden, a pioneer in entertainment for people like us, partly parts and makes a great return or comeback to his roots: He takes back Boyz Boyz Boyz and will lead it to old glory. Read more

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