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News & Events - Singapore
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25 Jun 11
Record crowd at gay Singapore pride
Singapore’s Hong Lim Park in China Town was on that hot and steamy Saturday afternoon on June 18 a sea of pink. Pink T-Shirts, pink shoes, pink balloons, some outrageous gay queens even pinked up their pet dogs.
The official event lasted only one hour. Everything is very organised and scheduled in Singapore. And yet, there was a dash of a hilarious anarchy to it, which only can be found at gay events. Many people showed up hours before the launch of Pink Dot seizing the opportunity for a picnic with delicious food, bubbling French champagne, good friends and the determination to make a statement: look, dear fellow Singaporeans, we are here, we are queer, we do not hide anymore, we are proud of what we are. Read more

17 Dec 05
Siam Royal View, Koh Chang : Fresh & Hot in Singapore
Newly launched holiday bungalow and villa project on Koh Chang, Siam Royal View, kicked start their marketing in SMART International Property Expo at the Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Center in Singapore. The two-day show generated large number of visitors with great interest in th... Read more

28 Jul 05
Bad luck for Singapore is good luck for Phuket
Gays in Singapore have to be clever to cope with their government’s off and on attitude. What today is legal, might be forbidden tomorrow or not tolerated any longer-which has the same knockout effect. The newest example is the famous Nation party which used to be a successful event i... Read more

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