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Articles - Singapore
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25 Jun 11
Record crowd at gay Singapore pride
Singapore’s Hong Lim Park in China Town was on that hot and steamy Saturday afternoon on June 18 a sea of pink. Pink T-Shirts, pink shoes, pink balloons, some outrageous gay queens even pinked up their pet dogs.
The official event lasted only one hour. Everything is very organised and scheduled in Singapore. And yet, there was a dash of a hilarious anarchy to it, which only can be found at gay events. Many people showed up hours before the launch of Pink Dot seizing the opportunity for a picnic with delicious food, bubbling French champagne, good friends and the determination to make a statement: look, dear fellow Singaporeans, we are here, we are queer, we do not hide anymore, we are proud of what we are. Read more

16 Apr 11
PLU and DYMK in Singapore
Gusti is a first time visitor to Singapore. He is impressed. Everything is so different from his hometown Jakarta. No traffic jams, no air pollution, taxi driver don’t cheat and a fine public transport system is in place, something Jakarta has been aiming for the past 20, 30 years but never achieved thanks to rampant corruption, political machinations and gross incompetence of politicians and bureaucrats.
There is something else Singapore has to offer: a vibrant gay nightlife. Which is quite ironic given the fact that homosexuality is illegal in Singapore and legal in Indonesia. But Indonesia is conservative Muslim majority country and Metropolitan Jakarta has become the battleground for militant forces like the Islamic Defenders Front. They violently attack everything and everyone that seems to be un-Islamic: Christians, Muslim sects, Western lifestyle, homosexuals. Read more

12 Feb 11
”Wanderlust in Gay Asia” is banned in Singapore
The so called “Media Development Authority“ (MDA) — Singapore’s censors who really should call themselves Media Destroying Authority – have banned sales of ”Wanderlust in Gay Asia” in their territory. The reason supplied was that it was “not deemed suitable for distribution in Singapore.” For your benign heroine Suzy Size this came as no surprise. The big surprise had happened long before, when renowned publisher Marshall Cavendish (based in Singapore which lately tried to portray a more modern image) asked Suzy whether or not she wanted to do such a gay travel book about Asia.
So we have now the absurd situation that Singaporean gays that would like to acquire this title have to buy it abroad. They can mail order it from any Bookazine or Asia Book store from Thailand (or naturally Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, this website based in cyberspace). It also may soon be available at Bangkok airport and – in June – from Amazon UK and in India. Or, if someone in Singapore is in desperate need of a copy, just come to Thailand for a weekend. Read more

10 Mar 08
Ketibaan Antarabangsa – International Arrivals Read this story in German
Suzy waved down a taxi in Singapore and told the driver: “Changi”, adding “budget airport” in order not to be driven to the namesake Changi prison. After all our heroine had committed a crime against the inhuman laws of Singapore which still ban sodomy. But she was not going to be caught. Just a hint for the gay masses that want to copy this sheer endless trip of our heroine, do not go to the budget terminal, Air Asia really is located in Terminal 1. Another free piece of advice: Book your Air Asia thickets as early as possible. Suzy has only paid between 700 Baht (23 US $) and 2000 Baht (66 US $) for each flight, almost nothing. Read more

9 Mar 08
Sex and the (gay) city of Singapore IV – nice gay bars here in Singapore Read this story in German
After Club One Seven Suzy Size headed for Backstage Bar. The gay night life of Singapore happens all in a relative small neighborhood (Chinatown), most major places are located within walking distance of each other. That is very convenient for the philandering gay sex tourist. Yes, Suzy is a gay sex tourist, meaning, always open for sex. Read more

8 Mar 08
Sex and the (gay) city of Singapore III – the gay icon of Singapore Read this story in German
Suzy Size has heard a lot about this gay sauna in Singapore called Club One Seven, but had never been there. The very first time she heard about it was in Phuket from friendly Daniel when they opened the namesake hotel. As you might know, Suzy once was the driving force (founding mother) behind Thai Guys Magazine, the first gay publication that appeared in Thailand and then visited gay Phuket several times each year. Read more

7 Mar 08
Sex and the (gay) city of Singapore II – raw revelations at a resort Read this story in German
Suzy Size had known about that gay Singapore sauna called Raw Resort through the inevitable Pink Pages on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. Have a look for yourself if you like. They write there about themselves in the most interesting way: “Singapore's Raw Gym & Spa is one of the biggest ALL MEN theme's Spa in South Asia. It is open 24 hours daily within a 4 storey building with an open rooftop... Read more

6 Mar 08
Sex and the (gay) city of Singapore – raw revelations at a mall Read this story in German
The two brave ladies walked through the civilized but boring streets of Singapore and found a huge advertisement board for sex. Suzy (from Pattaya) was not little shocked. You could not hang such a sign in Boyztown without causing a commotion, scandal and the culprit would probably be deported and banned from Thailand for life. That seems to be a fundamental difference between Thailand and Singapore. In Thailand you do not talk about (gay) sex, but you just do it. Read more

5 Mar 08
The red light district of Singapore – two handsome apprentice pimps Read this story in German
So Suzy realized this internet cafe was a front for something else. But what the heck! They had two young and handsome apprentice pimps here with brute faces and wild tattoos. Suzy watched them fascinated from the corners of her eyes but did not dare to approach them in any other ways. Yes, even our heroine can be cowardly discreet at times. Read more

4 Mar 08
"Please, mind the platform gap" - Suzy arrives at the famous Fragrance Hotel Singapore Read this story in German
Kelvin, the new friend for life of Suzy Size, had sent her the same night she had met him at Artemis a detailed mail how to find her way to Singapore over the bridge and then by MTR to a station near her hotel. This was very helpful information and without it your heroine might surly have been lost and this precious gay blog might have ended abruptly and certainly somewhat prematurely. For all the copycats who will in the next one hundred years or so follow the steps of Suzy Size and travel on the unique route set out by her she will tell you how to proceed and get over the bridge from Johor Bahru to Singapore. Read more

3 Mar 08
In praise of gay Johor Bahru III – a great massage Read this story in German
Suzy Size almost fainted when the masseur chosen by (still absent) Chris was not Troy but a guy named Dayson. But since beggars cannot be choosers – after all this was a free massage by a professionally chosen professional at Artemis in Johor Bahru – Suzy Size swallowed a tear or two and followed the cute Chinese looking guy upstairs where heaven must surely be. The name of the 22year old was easy to remember even for someone slightly senile like Suzy Size since it was most conveniently tattooed just above the pretty ass. Read more

23 Feb 08
Gay Thailand is not Gay Asia - Pattaya is so terribly boring Read this story in German
Tomorrow Suzy will start her great Gay Asian Friendship (or sex?) Tour through five countries. But today our heroine is still very busy with last preparations. She prints out all the relevant Pink Pages from Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia for the whole Gay World. Of course the printer goes on strike several times under this enormous workload and has to be shut in order to cool down. Suzy is still a technical idiot and will always be one. Read more

1 Sep 07
Rainbow over Singapore Read this story in German
Lee Kwan Yew, founder of the Republic of Singapore, has read two scientific papers on homosexuality. Their twofold message: homosexuality is a) natural and b) exists in all cultures. Even in the Chinese one. In the light of this (not at all new) scientific evidence, Lee concluded enlightened, Singapore has no option but to decriminalize homosexuality. Wow, better a late epiphany then never. Read more

17 Dec 05
Siam Royal View, Koh Chang : Fresh & Hot in Singapore
Newly launched holiday bungalow and villa project on Koh Chang, Siam Royal View, kicked start their marketing in SMART International Property Expo at the Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Center in Singapore. The two-day show generated large number of visitors with great interest in th... Read more

22 Oct 05
Singapore: Paradox and queer
Thursday, August 4th, 7.30 pm. Some 50 gays and lesbians gather at Utterly Art. On display is an exhibition of paintings of the gay artist Martin Loh for a children’s book. For this occasion only some of Martin’s Cocteau-style pictures celebrating the male body in all his glory are... Read more

28 Jul 05
Bad luck for Singapore is good luck for Phuket
Gays in Singapore have to be clever to cope with their government’s off and on attitude. What today is legal, might be forbidden tomorrow or not tolerated any longer-which has the same knockout effect. The newest example is the famous Nation party which used to be a successful event i... Read more

23 Sep 04
Sex In Singapore
For the fourth time, on August 8th, gays in Singapore wrapped themselves in the red and white flag of the city-state and partied in honor of the nation’s birthday. The event was billed as NATION 04. For the first time it covered three days. Bangkok had just enforced a 1 a.m. closing on bars for A... Read more

22 Jun 02
Blue Heaven In Singapore
If you thought, as I did, that there couldn’t be any gay venues in squeaky-clean Singapore where even the sale of chewing gum is prohibited, then think again, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Suppose you have ... Read more
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