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Accounts & Advice - Russia
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22 Aug 09
Get Nicolai for gay St. Petersburg
The train ride from Moscow to famous St. Petersburg took six hours for roughly 100 US $. This ride was unspectacular since the landscape is quite unspectacular and flat all the times with a few trees and bushes here and there. At the few stops old men and women tried to sell seasonal berries and mushrooms they had collected in this seemingly endless flatness to get a bit of cash. The seat neighbor of Suzy Size was refreshing his English language skills through a grammar book and also practiced them by conversing with your heroine. He was an elegant well dressed and polished man, 63 years old, as it turned out. Suzy wondered for longer whether he was one of us… Read more

15 Aug 09
Extreme euphoria and deep despair in gay Moscow
Still hungry for meat of sorts, Suzy Size finally entered Mayakovka sauna. Again their website is in Russian only and your benign heroine would have never – never – been able to come near that place without Dimitry pointing out the location during their almost historic walk. You have to enter a courtyard through a dark and rundown archway. There are two tiny rainbow flags outside the entrance and once you have found that, you made it. This gay sauna is very well decorated, much more elegant than the shabby exterior of the buildings adjacent would make believe. There were mainly middle aged and old men and some massage boys. Read more

8 Aug 09
To gay Moscow! To gay Moscow! - Really, sisters, are you so sure?
And what did she really know about Dimitry? Anybody could install a nice little site or two on the internet and use them for scams. Was Dimitry Maksimov a real person or a phantom? Was he maybe an agent of sorts? Russia is full of agents, every child knows that. As you probably know, the Russian authorities are very homophobic and suppress any Gay Pride with excessive force as they just did again recently. Would that not be a clever move to infiltrate the gay scene by installing some seemingly gay websites? Some state sponsored sort of gay counter intelligence? Oh, those Russians! Read more

1 Aug 09
Departing for gay Russia, my love
But then the girl at the Russian embassy wanted to see a certain form, an invitation by some organization in Russia, some sort of guarantee. Suzy had no clue what they meant. But – as always in Thailand – when there is a problem, there is also a solution. A certain Thai gentleman offered his services. He needed 4500 Baht for that “invitation” and it would take 15 minutes. Suzy made that deal, what choice did she have if she really wanted to go to Moscow? That precious form arrived soon after and her visa could be processed for another 2000 Baht (roughly) in one week.
If only Suzy had known Dimitry then, she could have saved that money for worthier causes, for instance a well bestowed Russian escort.
But Suzy was going to meet Dimitry only after her arrival in Moscow… Read more

31 May 08
Breaking news: Gay World Friendship Tour starts in earnest
The rout of the first two months of the Gay World Friendship Tour are now clear, and the gay masses can cheer their heroine on the way, if they should wish to do so. Interesting individuals along the route are hereby invited to write to Suzy (editor at if they wish to meet her. But be warned: Do not write if you are boring! But do write: If you want to host Suzy at your villa, wine and dine her endlessly there and borrow your house boys or boy friends during the nights. Get in touch: If you own a 9 star hotel and would like Suzy to move in for free as long as she wishes. Read more
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