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Stories - Moscow, Russia

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Stories - Moscow, Russia
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15 Aug 09
Extreme euphoria and deep despair in gay Moscow
Still hungry for meat of sorts, Suzy Size finally entered Mayakovka sauna. Again their website is in Russian only and your benign heroine would have never never been able to come near that place without Dimitry pointing out the location during their almost historic walk. You have to enter a courtyard through a dark and rundown archway. There are two tiny rainbow flags outside the entrance and once you have found that, you made it. This gay sauna is very well decorated, much more elegant than the shabby exterior of the buildings adjacent would make believe. There were mainly middle aged and old men and some massage boys. Read more

8 Aug 09
To gay Moscow! To gay Moscow! - Really, sisters, are you so sure?
And what did she really know about Dimitry? Anybody could install a nice little site or two on the internet and use them for scams. Was Dimitry Maksimov a real person or a phantom? Was he maybe an agent of sorts? Russia is full of agents, every child knows that. As you probably know, the Russian authorities are very homophobic and suppress any Gay Pride with excessive force as they just did again recently. Would that not be a clever move to infiltrate the gay scene by installing some seemingly gay websites? Some state sponsored sort of gay counter intelligence? Oh, those Russians! Read more

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