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Articles - Lisbon, Portugal

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Articles - Lisbon, Portugal
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12 May 12
Gay Lisbon: Some sexy Brazilian escorts
When Bruno Carvalho had arrived at My Rainbow Rooms, Suzy hoped that many of the other guests would be around, witnessing the great catch your heroine had made. She would then escort that splendid free escort to her (heated) room and undress him. They have those comfortable and fluffy white bathing gowns and the happy new couple (for an hour) would then proceed through the common corridor to one of the two comfortable, but common bathrooms, another chance for idle Miss Size to present her catch, before eating him up all. Read more

5 May 12
Gay Lisbon: Meeting a sexy Brazilian
Bruno Carvalho, that great gay escort in Lisbon, was only going to be the start of a new and unique writing career for Suzy Size. She has written uncountable book, movie and theater reviews: So boring! Who reads that stuff? But how much more rewarding must it be to become a critic of the money boys of the world? And Suzy bets, you all out there would want to read those reviews in which you could get intimately getting to know the youth, the strength and the future of the gay world! Suzy Size is ready for that sacrifice and service. And there was a lot in it for those male angels too, we are not only speaking of the honor to service your horny heroine Suzy Size, but the unique chance to become immortal. “Wanderlust in Gay Asia” is selling quite well and more volumes may follow suit. For instance “Wandering through the gay escort gardens of the world”. Read more

19 Jul 08
Muito obrigado: Gay Portugal is still worth a visit
Their visitors are a bit subdued like most Portuguese, as if they were a bit under the influence of tranquilizers, but they are not. A bit melancholic or sad, “saudade”, you know. Young men without much money or urgent work, but lots of time, that can easily be invited for some drinks, they are interested in meeting guys, even if they should be older gentlemen. And much later, after drinks and possibly a certainly noisy disco, you can ask them over to My Rainbow Suites where you will prudently show them the surveillance cameras in the corridor Read more
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