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Accounts & Advice - Philippines
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2 Jul 11
Gay Philippines short stories published
The pink morgue is not exactly a place associated with a vital gay life style and overwhelming gay pride. And yet it is an extraordinary gay achievement in the Philippines. The Pink Morgue is actually the title of the Philippines’ first-ever collection of homoerotic mystery and suspense short stories. Read more

23 Apr 11
Jesus, the cross and gays
Being gay in the Philippines is not easy. The Catholic Church is wielding considerable power. In fact the Philippines are as Catholic as the Vatican. The Bishops rage against everything which deems even remotely to be against the church’s teaching. Downright obsessed they are with homosexuality. The bishops hate gays, probably because many of them are queer themselves. Read more

26 Mar 11
Baywatch 1403 - Cosy Condo in Manila
Gay wanderers planning to re-enact the adventurous travels of our beloved heroine Suzy Size in the Philippines will find a new listing in the Pink Pages section of the ultimate international gay guide Baywatch 1403. In the high rise Baywatch Towers in downtown Malate, the (gay) nightlife and entertainment district of Manila. Dutch journalist Jan Peter Lahpor owns two luxury condos that he rents out to (gay) travellers. Read more

2 May 09
Lawless Beauty – The Philippines
After five years of roaming through Southeast Asia I thought it was about time to pay the Philippines a visit. This island republic hasn’t been on the top of my must-see-list. I associated the archipelago with greed, corruption, lawlessness, political mess and catholic bigotry. Guess what I found: all of it. However, the Philippines also surprised me in a very pleasant way. The Pinoys, as the Filipinos call themselves, can be a very friendly lot. Even in the traffic madness of Manila cars stop to let a pedestrian cross a street. Read more

28 Jun 08
Jus primae noctis: The strange straight ways back in Hong Kong
But that girl besides Suzy obviously believed in praying. She was to become a domestic helper in Hong Kong, leaving her native Mindanao for the very first time. Of course she was not told about those strange straight rites in Hong Kong called jus primae noctis. It allows the employers to rape those girls first night they arrive and sleep with them ever after. (The Chinese in Hong Kong took that cute custom over from the visiting Spaniards in the year XLLXLL.) But obviously that young and innocent girl sensed something like that. Your moved heroine did not try to convert that devote catholic girl to Voodoo which makes far more sense to Suzy Size (especially in such a dreadful situation) than Catholicism. She even went so far as to lie and tell the girl in the sweetest possible voice “everything will be all right, dear”. Read more

7 Jun 08
Gay Manila days 3 – a farting father of four
Suzy met Tony somewhere on the street and invited him for a beer. He was from Cavite, a place outside Manila, 31 and a father of four. His wife knows about him boom booming with the guys and is not against this as long the objects of desire are men and not girls. Suzy liked his honesty and took him to her room. In front of the Rainbow Pacific Suites another guy approached them, offering to take part in a threesome. Suzy declined the friendly offer politely. Read more

31 May 08
Gay Manila days 2 – a nurse called Carlos
Suzy entered an internet café in Adriatico Street. From the outside she realized this was a gay breeding ground. Rainbow Pacific Suites has an inexpensive internet café downstairs and hotel rooms upstairs, it even has a small pool on the roof top. The building is only a few years old and has an elevator. This is the only openly gay owned and managed hotel in Manila, maybe the Philippines, which is a devout catholic country and is therefore grossly overpopulated and poor (due to married straight sex). Homosexuality (or bisexuality) is rampant because all those young guys have no access to girls outside marriage. Read more

24 May 08
Gay Manila days 1 – this city is still a dangerous dump
On the way to Rizal Park Suzy Size took a look at Robinsons Place, a Shopping Mall that was not yet here during the last visit about eight years ago. It is very cruisy Fridays and Saturdays and Suzy was approached in no time by a fellow called Josh who immediately wanted to go to the hotel room of your heroine. He was a skinny guy and in no way one of those beloved Suzy Size hunks. So Suzy told him politely, she was not interested in his massage offer. Then Josh told Suzy he was sooo hungry and our shocked motherly heroine handed him 50 Pesos. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, even though quite one sided. Josh appeared in this gay Ermita neighborhood out of nowhere every day to beg for his daily allowance and Suzy always paid him off, but also asked him: “Josh, what will you do when I am gone?” Read more

19 May 07
Gay fraud in the Philippines
As you all know Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide for Asia offers free links to all gay Websites in Asia we know off. Owners of gay Websites in Asia can upload themselves easily and so can anybody acting on behalf of them. It was now brought to our attention that one of those Websites operating from the gay Philippines seems to be the front for a criminal blackmail and extortion ring. Read more

15 Jun 01
White Beach, Philippines
It had been eight years since I had been to White Beach. The first time had been on the ordinary bus that travels between Manila and Batangas and I was with a local young man who was acting as my guide/companion and special friend. He had arranged for us to depart from the main bus terminal. This... Read more
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