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Stories - Peru
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14 Jul 12
Lima: Some gay friends in Peru
Your traveling heroine had done her homework when it comes to gay Lima: She had diligently updated the ever growing Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World and had also been contacted by some gay Lima guys after having published her travel plans regarding the Peruvian capital on Gayromeo. A certain “Christian Hunter” had shown the same perversion as Basilio back in gay Iquitos: That architect of 27 years of age was interested in your grey heroine even though she had refused his request for a picture and warned him sternly: “I am extremely ugly!” And – such is the sexual desperation of the gay Peruvian youth – he punctually picked up your horny heroine around 7 pm at her B&B accommodation for dinner. Read more

6 Jul 12
Iquitos: My true gay friend in Peru!
Look, gay traveler to Iquitos or Peru in general, your horny heroine Suzy Size always thought of herself as being thoroughly against racism. Did she not give a moving speech in school (at the age of 11 or maybe 12, yeah, that early in life!) on Dr. Martin Luther King? When Barack Obama was finally elected president, she could not hold her water and cried together with Referent Jesse Jackson, back in front of her TV screen in good old Pattaya! But your hardened homosexual heroine Suzy Size had to travel all the way up the mighty Amazon River, passing gay Belem, Manaus and last but not least Tabatinga, covering virtually thousands of kilometers, to discover the nice side of racism? Naturally, this is another absurd twist in the rich life of Miss Size, but she will confess it all to the readership of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, regardless what you, prospective traveler to gay Iquitos, may think. If heaven should exist, after all, there will be judgment day, anyhow. Read more

30 Jun 12
Gay Iquitos: All men here are bisexuals!
The gay visitor of Iquitos – any tourist that comes here – will certainly visit the riverfront area, between Amazon Bistro, Fitzcarraldo, Arandu Bar, Die Nacht and Amazon Explorers Club, right in the center of town. There are several great Colonial Mansions – built during the riches of the rubber boom - overlooking the Amazon shores. And during the night the male prostitutes of Iquitos offer their services here to their gay and bisexual customers. During her six days in Iquitos Suzy Size, your restless heroine, got the impression that 95 percent of the male population is either outright gay or at least bisexual. Read more

23 Jun 12
Gay Iquitos: Are all men here bisexuals?
When your heroine Suzy Size finally arrived in gay Iquitos, everybody liked or even loved her. The Tuk Tuk drivers of Iquitos almost fought each other for the privilege of first carrying the heavy suit case of Miss Size – containing all the sizeable dildos, the fur coats and the tons of gliding cream – up the very steep stairs from the water to the shore – and then driving your heroine to a pre-booked hotel. One guy just snapped that suit case in the end and Miss Size followed suit, what else could she have done? The chosen hotel was crap, but Miss Size stayed that first night, she had to pay for it anyhow. But it was clear from the start: Iquitos was a very nice place. Miss Size fell in love with it instantly and had great expectations, that were later fulfilled, indeed. Read more
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