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Articles - Nepal
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30 Dec 06
Does gay Nepal really exist?
Kathmandu, the capital of this (soon to be former) kingdom, and surrounding places not more than an hour to drive to, offer no less than four World Heritage Sites, all stunning. But does Nepal - besides all that culture - have any gay scene? Read more

28 Oct 06
Champions: also for the gay community
"When Suzy told Lukas in Pattaya she is planning another trip to Nepal, he looked at her with big eyes, commenting: "Again? Do you have a little boy friend over there I wonder?" It is not so, I can assure you. You do not travel to Nepal because of the gay night life there, it is not as queer as Pattaya, Bangkok or gay Phuket, but it is just wonderful." Read more

23 Sep 06
Gay marriage in Nepal
In Nepal, the month of Bhadra (Aug. 17 to Sept. 16) is not considered an auspicious one for marriage ceremonies. But who cares when one is breaking the norms of society? Read more

23 Sep 06
Nepal begins crackdown on gays
Nepal's vulnerable gay community, who had taken part in the popular protests against King Gyanendra's regime, are now being targeted by the new "democratic" government they supported to power, a gay rights organisation said. Read more

10 Nov 04
Tibhop Boyz In The Hood
Its a sultry 35c (95 F) degrees in Delhis Tibetan colony, called Majnu ka Tila--or the Hill of Majnu, named after a famous lover in Indian mythology. Nowadays youre not likely to see many loitering lovers, rath... Read more

28 Nov 02
Last Tango in Lhasa
The hour flight to Lhasa was fabulous. Breathtaking. Mt. Everest on the left, and a few minutes later, Kanchenjunga on the right. I was seated next to this cute 20ish Tibetan who couldnt speak a word of En... Read more

12 Oct 02
Dahjeeling, dahlingQueen of the Hills
From my hotel room I can see the majestic snow-capped Kanchenjunga on the distant horizon, and a bit nearer, the tea estates for which Darjeeling is world renowned. Right below my room there is an equally pleasing sight on the pedestrian mall, shoulder to shoulder handsome talent-among others: hard... Read more

1 Aug 01
Seven Inches in Tibet
Forget Lost Horizon--it’s more like Lost Weekend for the lost generation in Lhasa. "Are you ready?" blasts the sound system promptly at 10 pm--and the crowd of young twenty-somethings shout... Read more
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