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19 Jul 07
Panic and fraud in Duisburg - a whorehouse in Hamburg Read this story in German
Suzy Size arrived well on time in Duisburg where she was supposed to change trains. She had bought her ticket in Brussels and a seat reservation till Duisburg, after that the woman could not reserve a seat, but said no problem and printed the schedule. Suzy wondered why? She checked on which track the train would leave in Duisburg Hauptbahnhof and went there well ahead of time. A desperate looking young man with a child in a trolley approached Suzy. Read more

18 Jul 07
Whores in the windows nothing is what it seems Read this story in German
Next morning Suzy Size was to leave Amsterdam in direction of Hamburg, she had her ticket bought in Brussels and a seat reservation till Duisburg. So that last evening she walked through the infamous red light district of Amsterdam where all those female whores sit or stand in those windows. If a potential customers wants to come (literally as well), the whore just opens the window, let him enter the room, then the curtain is closed and the action takes place. Fair deal, there seem no pimps to be involved. Suzy had a beer at Getto, one of the gay bars in that area, and made another observation. Read more

17 Jul 07
Voulez vous? A Homomonument for Andy Read this story in German
Suzy Size had entered another one of those nice but asexual Amsterdam gay bars called Amstel Taverne. From the juke box they played Voulez vous? by Abba. Suddenly Suzy Size remembered a rainy Saturday afternoon at least 25 years ago she spent at that very same place. She had undertaken a gay hunting trip from dull Zurich to sizzling Amsterdam. Then she was not yet interested in (or dependant on) hustlers, but had brought along a friend called Andy for company. Read more

16 Jul 07
Prik, Music Box and Rouge those were the days, my friend Read this story in German
Suzy Size sat a Prik bar which is another friendly gay Amsterdam bar. Their slogan, written on all the waiters T-shirts: Queer or not Prik is hot. She talked with one of those cute and friendly waiters that are a bit nave and insecure. He was so proud that he had made it as far as gay Bali. Something special and exotic for him nothing so special for a seasoned gay traveler like Suzy Size. Read more

15 Jul 07
Famous house with boys Amsterdam memories are made of this Read this story in German
When Suzy Size had arrived in Amsterdam and walked around with all that luggage (you do remember, dear, do you?) she noticed a familiar place when by chance passing its front: Why not. Years ago Suzy had come to Amsterdam with a well known psychiatrist friend from Zurich. Being a psychiatrist that friend was quite nuts himself, but he told Suzy about that fascinating Why not also called Blueboy. Here, in liberal Amsterdam, they had an all male whorehouse, a so called house with boys, a then fascinating and new concept. Read more

14 Jul 07
Big king XXL in Amsterdam mouth wide opened Read this story in German
There is gay sex shop and another gay hotel right in that very road and all the other gay places in Amsterdam are within walking distance or if you happen to be a lazy bastard - you can take a tram and reach them in no time. There are no ticket vending machines in Amsterdam since they still have a profession here in the Netherlands that is extinct in other parts of the world: The tram conductor. You buy your tram ticket on the tram from a person, not a machine. How very much unusual. Read more

13 Jul 07
Amsterdam is still a sexy gay destination book your hotel early Read this story in German
Suzy Size has not been back to gay Amsterdam for almost twenty years and had therefore made a severe mistake. Only a day before her arrival she tried to make a hotel reservation by mail, but had no chance to check her letter box for an answer. That is far too late, you better make use of those Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay guide World early on. Read more
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