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Articles - Penang, Malaysia

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Articles - Penang, Malaysia
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28 Feb 08
A terrible loss at the airport – gay stereotype spotted Read this story in German
Look, you might think this is so easy for Suzy Size. Traveling, having great food or fun with the boys, meeting interesting people all the time and do a little daily writing about it on the internet. It is easy for you at home, you just open your computer and punctually can read the newest adventures of your heroine. You do not have to think how to squeeze the plug of your computer into a Malaysian system - which is quite different - when your battery runs very low. How to get the pix from the laptop to the Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World when there is no Wifi available. Suzy often makes use of her stick and sticks it into a strange computer in the middle of nowhere or a place like Penang. Read more

27 Feb 08
Sleepless in Penang – a near wet dream experience Read this story in German
Abhorred by the ugliness of the Penang male and the apparent lack of any significant gay night life in Penang Suzy retired early to her quarters at The Broadway Budget Hotel which advertises itself as “Clean, Comfortable and Convenient” but is certainly not very quiet. Read more

26 Feb 08
No gay Penang nor luck found – not much lost Read this story in German
Suzy had tried to make a hotel reservation in Penang at gay friendly Hutton Lodge which is located right in the heart of town (for details as always consult the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World). But they had only one room without en suite bath room on offer (they responded promptly by mail). So Suzy made no prior arrangements and just was going to look around for suitable quarters. Read more
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