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Stories - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Stories - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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6 Feb 10
Bye, bye boring Bukit Bintang
There was a nice and sizeable crowd at Blue Boy again. Soon an obviously Chinese guy was staring at your heroine and invited flattered Suzy over to his table. He was a friendly and intelligent man and the two protagonists soon were kissing each other, working on each others nipples and cocks. Suzy suddenly had a dj vu. She remembered that nice fellow from her last visit in Blue Boy (about two years ago) where they had engaged in exactly the same pastime. Sham - that was his name - had warned Suzy then of a dangerous money boy from Bangladesh. Your heroine had been very interested in his services because of his really juicy ass, but when she heard that he used to drug and rob his customers, she played safe and did not call that most vicious man next day. Read more

26 Mar 08
Glorious Gay Kuala Lumpur no time for sex though this time Read this story in German
Now it was too late to call Rico, the waiter of Sao Nam Restaurant with that juicy ass, who as a bad omen - had not answered the slimy mail Suzy had sent him from Yogyakarta. Suzy Size was very hungry and left Replica Inn for urgent food. When she crossed the road over to the square with all those Chinese restaurants she saw a very good looking guy with a farang about the age of Suzy, obviously a gay couple, they were boarding a taxi. Suzy shortly smiled at that guy anyhow. When she looked back the farang had left with the taxi and Mr. Sim followed Suzy Size. Read more

17 Mar 08
Gay Kuala Lumpur V it is a crowded planet Read this story in German
Suzy was very busy writing her gay blog which takes several hours each day. It is not that easy to present the precious readers of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World newsworthy news on a daily basis. Writers block might occur and that would mean no stories any longer. So Suzy was a bit exhausted when she had filed her daily installment and felt like a massage. She remembered that horny black guy from Cameroon and gave Mr. Emanuel a ring. Read more

16 Mar 08
Gay Kuala Lumpur IV a handy man at work Read this story in German
Suzy faced a dilemma. If she had a heart of gold she would take this Burmese gay guy to her hotel and let him have that white wine they do not get often over here, remember? But she was driven by sexual greed. And duty. Yes, duty. Duty towards Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, the bible of the gay tourist worldwide, and the readership of said fine publication. Read more

15 Mar 08
Gay Kuala Lumpur III is there any sexual correctness in the world at all? Read this story in German
He was actually a friendly gay guy from Myanmar or Burma, if you like. He loved Suzy Size enormously. He wanted to suck the cock of Suzy Size for one hour. He was 35 years old and not after money. But he was a bit smelly and had dandruff. Well he could have been showered at the Eight hotel. He begged Suzy to take him to her room. He said, we do not often get white wine here. He repeated that remarkable sentence several times. Read more

14 Mar 08
Gay Kuala Lumpur II a night at Blue Boy makes a hard man stumble Read this story in German
When the other passengers left that elevator in Sungei Wang Shopping Center in Bukit Bintang, and our two protagonists were finally alone in the lift, Brian came right to the point and asked Suzy Size: What are you? When she did not quite get it, he focused his question: Top or bottom? When Suzy answered Top Brian left without a further word and Suzy was very, very lonesome. But only for a moment. Read more

13 Mar 08
The boys of Bukit Bintang The Kuala Lumpur gay hotspot of Malaysia Read this story in German
What a difference at Eight Boutique Guest House! This was a professional check-in, a professional welcome. They only could accommodate Suzy Size for two nights here, but at least she had a roof over her precious head for just that and was not forced like Maria and Josef to look for shelter in a barn or so. In no time they had run her credit card into the system and deducted the rate for the first night 155 Ringgit (about 1500 Baht). Read more

12 Mar 08
Return to Bukit Bintang The Kuala Lumpur gay hotspot of Malaysia Read this story in German
Look, Suzy knows this well, literature and poems are not for everybody, gay sex is definitely more mainstream for the ever increasing readers of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. For many the pair (literature and poems) can be a poisonous mix, acting as an extremely strong sleeping pill like the infamous knock out pills used in Pattaya sometimes. But let Suzy Size just in a few words explain some important aspects of Neo Dadaism which she gave to the world just yesterday. Read more

11 Mar 08
No war for Troy better a passionate gay poem for the dearest of all men Read this story in German
The regular readers of this gay pulp fiction might suspect Suzy had forgotten all about her beloved Troy who she almost met at gay Johor Bahru Artemis Massage. She surely did admire him even back in Pattaya when she prepared for this crazy trip. When she printed out all those useful pages from Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World she deliberately went back and back to the Artemis website on-line, looking at all the goodies they have in stocks at their gay Johor Bahru premises. But of all those handsome guys, Troy, beloved Troy, always gained the greatest admiration, by far the greatest interest of your heroine. Now, in a taxi from Stesen Sentral in Kuala Lumpur to Bukit Bintang, Suzy again intensively thought about her beloved Troy and their somewhat strange, but also ideal relationship. Read more

10 Mar 08
Ketibaan Antarabangsa International Arrivals Read this story in German
Suzy waved down a taxi in Singapore and told the driver: Changi, adding budget airport in order not to be driven to the namesake Changi prison. After all our heroine had committed a crime against the inhuman laws of Singapore which still ban sodomy. But she was not going to be caught. Just a hint for the gay masses that want to copy this sheer endless trip of our heroine, do not go to the budget terminal, Air Asia really is located in Terminal 1. Another free piece of advice: Book your Air Asia thickets as early as possible. Suzy has only paid between 700 Baht (23 US $) and 2000 Baht (66 US $) for each flight, almost nothing. Read more
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