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Articles - Malaysia
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25 Feb 08
Strangers on a train a journey to Penang Read this story in German
Suzy likes train rides and has had hunting luck on some in the past. Remember when she rode from Interlaken to Berne and then to gay Zurich last summer? In no time she had befriended a good looking Indonesian who begged her afterwards by SMS to please Well, there was nobody like that in sight on this train here in Thailand. But Suzy was still very early and started to read her Economist. Read more

23 Feb 08
Gay Thailand is not Gay Asia - Pattaya is so terribly boring Read this story in German
Tomorrow Suzy will start her great Gay Asian Friendship (or sex?) Tour through five countries. But today our heroine is still very busy with last preparations. She prints out all the relevant Pink Pages from Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia for the whole Gay World. Of course the printer goes on strike several times under this enormous workload and has to be shut in order to cool down. Suzy is still a technical idiot and will always be one. Read more

5 May 07
Great gay Pattaya, here we are, back home!
As much as we liked our trip through gay Malaysia and gay Bali, there is nothing like coming home to good old gay Pattaya, home, sweet home, we missed you just a little bit. Read more

21 Apr 07
In praise of gay Kuala Lumpur or gay Malaysia
When Suzy Size visited Malaysia last time about twelve years ago there was no visible gay life in Kuala Lumpur at all. Boy, this place has changed beyond recognition. There are numerous gay saunas, gay bars and gay discos in Kuala Lumpur nowadays and, especially, the weekends have become a gay hub for the region not as blessed with openly gay places as the capital of Malaysia. Read more

14 Apr 07
From gay Bangkok to gay Malaysia or gay Kuala Lumpur
Face is an important thing in Asia, so the boy friend of Suzy Size obviously disapproved of her taking such an outdated means of transportation like the fucking old fashioned train, second class this is after all. In his (perspective of the gay Thai boy friend of Suzy Size) not so humble and slightly covered opinion such a famous person as good old Suzy should not take at any means any other thing to move from gay Thailand to gay Malaysia than a plane, hopefully supersonic, or at least private or (at very last) public but business class. Read more

13 May 05
In Praise Of Penang
Recently there was an article in another publication where the author was trying to make out that Penang was the last place on earth to go to, yet, because of his having to make a visa run and Penang being the cheapest place for him to go he had to make the annual pilgrimage. This particular guy,... Read more

17 Aug 02
Visa And Tweezer Runs
Penang, for most expats in Bangkok, usually means one thing: the quickest and easiest place for a visa run. But as the Malaysian Tourism Board harps with its ad nauseum TV jingles, Penang is much more. And one of the attractions for gay visitors is that aside from the exoticism of the mixture of C... Read more
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