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Accounts & Advice - Mexico
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13 Jul 13
Bye, bye gay Mexico!
Unfortunately the gay nightlife of Cancun starts late and old Suzy had gone to said disco far too early (as usual), but when she moved to Sexy’s Club almost next door the strippers started to do what they do best, getting rid of their clothes. For about two hours the attention of your heroine was thus caught and she inquired about that popular “private” service she had enjoyed much in her happy and so gay Puerto Vallarta days. The hunky waiter would confirm, yes, they had such service here, too, and he himself was ready to join your horny heroine. Read more

6 Jul 13
Good gay hotel and fun in Guadalajara
When Miguel Angel finally sat besides your heroine in that bus, Miss Size jokingly said:
“Look, you do not have to be scared of me, I only kill every third of my young lovers!”
But Miguel Angel did not find that joke particularly funny and said so too. Like the Thai companions he soon fell asleep whereas your heroine stared intensely out of the window: Besides the relative affordable price of buses – flights are, with some exceptions, much more expensive in Mexico than in Asia – one reason to take them is the fact, you get to see the landscape and thus get to know the country. And for the next forty minutes or so, when the route closely followed the coastline, this was a scenic ride as expected. Read more

29 Jun 13
An Angel came to gay Puerto Vallarta
Only last night your heroine had made a proposal to Miguel Angel, this sexy 26years old Mexican gay guy, to come along as her companion for four nights. And they had long chatted about that topic through e-mails that was obviously tempting to said fine young man. His final mail – before going to sleep that night - read:
“Suzy, I can't believe I'm thinking on going. Must confess: I'm scared about it.”
But now – on the next day in that merciless broad sunlight - the time was running out. Suzy Size had taken her seat in that bus that was overdue to leave already and there was no Miguel Angel in sight anywhere. The Angel had been too scared after all! More lonely days stood before your heartbroken heroine… Read more

22 Jun 13
The strippers of gay Puerto Vallarta
When your horny heroine Suzy Size sat at the bar of “Wet Dreams” – one of the infamous gay stripper bars of Puerto Vallarta – a hunky guy embraced her emphatically from behind, put his tongue into her ear and worked on her nipples with professional intensity. He wanted to go “private” with Miss Size, offering a sensational massage in one of those cabins hidden besides the stage where the boys showered and showed it all. “Private” means quickie in the gay Puerto Vallarta terms. At Wet Dreams this service costs 500 Pesos (about 40 US $), the stripper gets half of the amount and can keep the additional tips that he will seek to pull from the customer. And those guys really know a trick or two to lure any normal gay man into the heaven of such a private show! Can you – user of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World – believe this: Suzy Size did not – at least for now and despite her hard-on - succumb to those almost infernal temptations? Read more

15 Jun 13
More detours to heavenly gay Mexico City
And, where is the meat in gay Mexico City? All those internet acquaintances turned out to be a waste of time: The two hustlers that molested your heroine on their own initiative were in no respect Suzy Size hunks. One of them was so incredibly ugly that the sheer thought of having sex against payment with him was absolutely absurd. Luis, with whom Suzy chatted on skype for a while – who supposedly was into old men like your heroine – suddenly turned out to be outside Mexico City and before he could ask for transportation money or a similar scam, Miss Size broke off the whole useless thing. Leaving alone - the one and only - Cutter333! Read more
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