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31 Mar 12
Gay Yangon: Where men meet male meat
It was getting dark by now and Suzy Size had done all her mails and internet stuff she wanted. With little enthusiasm your dutiful heroine wanted to check that infamous pedestrian bridge in front of the Lion World Pub which was described by a user of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World as being a gateway to heaven: According to said earlier gay visitor of Yangon, the young Myanmar men looking for a boyfriend congregate here… And when your horny heroine arrived, quite some activity was going on there in the dark. Several young men were walking on that heavenly bridge over troubled waters. It took not longer than three minutes till a cute one stood besides your heroine and started one of those typical conversations… Read more

24 Mar 12
Gay Yangon: Where meat was found before
You, gay traveler to mighty Myanmar, probably agree: If you ever made a good catch at any given place in the world, you are likely to return and try your luck again there. Even though Suzy Size has never actually caught a juicy gay Myanmar boy at that old Yangon bar that specializes in frozen yoghurts and cold beers and is called after that famous kick-boxer Nilar Win, she naturally wanted to return there. And after the visit of the bar at the Strand hotel, Suzy went to look for it. After all, Durian Gray, the infamous writer for good old Thai Guys Magazine – the first gay Magazine of Thailand founded by your heroine - got laid in the toilet of the Nilar Win bar almost 12 years ago! Read more

17 Mar 12
Gay Yangon: Where is the meat?
Before your two gay heroines in Yangon went out in search of the Myanmar meat that night, they decided to have something to eat at their hotel restaurant on 7th floor. Suzy Size ordered vermicelli noodles with seafood, a dish the horrible Burmese cooks cannot mess up too much whereas Michaela Primavera went for a cheeseburger, not too difficult a dish either. When Suzy got her noodles they were quite all right. But when Michaela took a hearty bite of her cheeseburger that looked quite all right at first sight as well, her eyes started turning wild. She put down her burger and took away the bun covering it. Michaela stared at her plate in absolute disbelieve! She waved down a waiter in a rage and yelled at him: “Take it back, I will not pay for this!” Read more

10 Mar 12
Gay Myanmar: Your heroine has arrived
When you, gay traveler to Myanmar, read this weekly installment of this almost eternal blog, your heroine should have arrived – provided there was no fatal air crash, an unexpected heart attack or similar grave potholes on the way - in hopefully very gay Yangon. Naturally, you will be informed in detail about all the adventures and gay encounters of Suzy Size next week, exclusively on this website. But for the time being, Miss Size is still in her Pattaya kitchen preparing her two belated Christmas geese, it is very time consuming, indeed, and your heroine has much room for many worrying thoughts. Read more

3 Mar 12
Gay Myanmar: Advice from recent visitors
So cooking her two geese – it takes hours and hours – Suzy Size was contemplating how she could get rid of that rather useless gardener. If she fired him outright, he would lose face and so would the good gardener who had introduced that idiot to your heroine. And operating in Asia for more than twenty years, Miss Size is aware of those complicated face things. In other words, if she fired the lousy gardener, the good one might leave with him as well, just to save face and without having a new job and a perspective. But on the other hand, that imbecile just drove her nuts and she had yelled at him several times already and thus lost face herself. If only darling Darik, in Belem, was into gardening! He is so strong in any department, maybe Miss Size could import him into her Castelgandolfo gardens for a short or prolonged time? Read more

25 Feb 12
Gay Myanmar: Your heroine is on her way
Another big topic of your insatiable size-queen is her relentless gardening: On her trip to gay Recife (Brazil) she saw a strange tree of incredible dimensions and naturally took a photo of that big, big thing. Suzy Size picked up some seeds, seemingly coming from that tree, but back in Pattaya - in her Castelgandolfo gardens - she grew very ordinary street trees from those darn seeds. Later, when visiting gay Fortaleza, she saw another one of those big trees and found out – thanks to a description in front of it – that this was a baobab, the most famous tree of Africa. Read more

18 Feb 12
Gay Myanmar: Suzy Size is coming!
Then she had a beer at the terrace restaurant of the Panthawee Hotel that is open 24 hours and called Mr. Ting – who had phoned your heroine twice already – to make those carnival arrangements. Since this fine 24 year old money boy – originally from Bangkok - had no idea where the Panthawee was, Suzy – after some hesitation what to suggest - was going to meet him in front of the good old Nong Khai post office, everybody knows that. After diner, Suzy Size managed to bring him to her room, despite the signs, that disallow such behavior. And up they went to Paradise. The pleasure was great, but all the thoughts of your divine heroine are still with her one and only Darick in Belem (Brazil) whom she hopes to meet on her very, very long way to gay Tabatinga. Read more
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