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Stories - Sri Lanka
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12 Dec 09
Dickman Resort is the magic place in Negombo
Suddenly there might be another walk-in pool player bending deep over the table when shooting his ball. Was he really smiling at Suzy Size or is your heroine suffering of illusions again? A chat may follow, those Sri Lankan men all can speak some English at least. If another guest was quicker than your sometimes slow heroine, the staff of Dickman would have the number of said pool player and arrangements could be made for another good time later on. Read more

5 Dec 09
Happy Hikkaduwa days
But Suzy and Magna endured the sun heroically, walked around the old fortification of Galle which proved to be very cruisy indeed. When the two sisters met a young man in one of the corners behind a wall that provided some privacy, Suzy sensed right and left Magna alone with that tall young man. Magna remained in the company of that fellow quite a while and later confided to her young sister that it did take less than a minute to get that cock out of those pants. Read more

28 Nov 09
The nose and youth factor
To move on from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, Suzy and Magna Size looked around for a van. There are many van drivers in the streets of Kandy, offering their services to tourists. The two price aware travelers compared the offers they got and finally went for Mr. Samantha. This good looking man had offered the two day trip to Nuwara Eliya and next day to Hikkaduwa for last offer 13500 Rupees (about 130 US $) which was the best package in financial terms. But, especially Suzy, had a hidden agenda as well. She adored that butch guy with that killer smile and was secretly hoping for further services than the driving alone. The drivers normally get a small free room at the hotel chosen which might lead to nightly encounters of some sorts. Read more

21 Nov 09
Insults in Kandy
Whenever the four friends roamed the streets of Kandy, nobody took notice of Magna and Suzy Size, the two Thais obviously gay and giggling much of the day stole the limelight. Neither, your heroine, nor her elder sister Magna were of any interest, the male youth of Kandy adored the two Thai queens with their obvious star quality. And surprisingly the two Thais enjoyed flirting with everybody, too. Suzy Size had expected them to be snobbish and to act cool. After all those Sri Lankans were so terribly dark, almost black like the negroes of Africa, so to speak, which is, after all, the contrary of the Thai beauty ideal. But, no inhibitions were shown at all. Read more

14 Nov 09
A love tragedy in Colombo
Imagine this: Suzy Size is sitting in the only first class compartment of a Kandy bound train in the Colombo Fort Station. Besides her in the isle seat is Magna Size, her older sister, who does not yet sense the tragic events just unfolding. In the row in front of your heroine are Amorn, the boyfriend of so many years and Sun, the heartthrob of Magna. Mr. Iflar, a gay Sri Lankan man, has just passed by the open window outside and discreetly handed a neatly folded piece of paper to your stunned heroine. Besides his phone number the note contains an unmistakable message: I love you. Read more

14 Jun 08
Gay Sri Lanka: Splendid Negombo days at Dickman
The best walk in young man walked in last day. His name was Lackmath at sweet 20. He invited Suzy for a swim too. After that they sat a long time Sunset Terrace whilst the air con was being fixed. It took quite a while, but the time was not wasted. The tongue work of the young man, if you allow such a technical description for such a sweet pastime, was just incredible. Read more

7 Jun 08
Sri Lanka: First stop on Gay World Friendship Tour
When Suzy Size arrived in Kandy a man approached her right at the exit of the train station and asked here where she wanted to go? Queens Hotel was the natural answer of your heroine. For 200 Rupees this could be done in a Tuk Tuk. A driver was assigned to her. He talked a lot about not having a wife and was clearly indicating to Suzy that he was gay when he asked: How are the boy friends in Thailand? Read more

31 May 08
Breaking news: Gay World Friendship Tour starts in earnest
The rout of the first two months of the Gay World Friendship Tour are now clear, and the gay masses can cheer their heroine on the way, if they should wish to do so. Interesting individuals along the route are hereby invited to write to Suzy (editor at if they wish to meet her. But be warned: Do not write if you are boring! But do write: If you want to host Suzy at your villa, wine and dine her endlessly there and borrow your house boys or boy friends during the nights. Get in touch: If you own a 9 star hotel and would like Suzy to move in for free as long as she wishes. Read more
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