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21 May 11
Gay life in Vientiane
Do they know where they actually are? The young, hunky, male American backpackers drink, laugh, jump on the small stage at the end of the bar, dance hilariously and….take off their T-shirts. They straight dudes are having a ball in the one and only gay bar of Vientiane. It is fair to assume they are aware of that. After all somebody must have told them about the place since the GQ is easy to miss. No rainbow flag, no flashing neon signs advertise the gay GQ which doubles as massage parlor, although it is right down town Vientiane. But then, what isn’t down town in the small capital of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Laos?
The backpackers must have asked the staff in their hostel the obvious question that arises after the first night in Vientiane: where can you party after 11 PM? In the gay bar, of course. Read more

26 Dec 09
Gay China: An elevating experience
Your heroine has traveled a lot this year. The infamous Gay World Friendship Tour took her to India, China, Laos, Russia, the Baltics, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. In gay Thailand: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nong Khai and – not to forget – Pattaya were revisited. As the year comes to an end, Suzy Size looks back on some highlights and continues with China and Laos this week, plus a very interesting experience in Turkey. Read more

18 Jul 09
Khob Chai (thank you), Mr. Good
Magna once again had taken initiative and asked a Tuk Tuk driver to bring your two heroines to the foremost Luang Prabang gay bar. He dropped them a Khob Chai which indeed seemed to be gay, looking at the staff. They got into a conversation with another customer who happened to live in Luang Prabang. He told them that indeed Khob Chai was an openly gay bar with drag shows until the authorities made big problems a while ago. Then the US owner and his Lao partner turned it into a “straight” bar like their other joint just across the street which is called Lao Lao Garden. But despite this official change of sexual orientation, Khob Chai is the obvious choice in search for local talent in Luang Prabang. Read more

1 Dec 07
Along the Mekong from Laos to Cambodia 2: ”Alas, again at the Mekong!”
If you compare Savannakhet with Pakxe you will notice they are both at the Mekong so I could bore my patient travel companion Chris with another: ”Alas, again at the Mekong!” Pakxe is much bigger than Savannakhet and almost mundane in comparison. But not the least traces of gay life could be spotted by your brave sentinel who was diligent and on duty day and night. Read more

24 Nov 07
Along the Mekong from Laos to Cambodia 1: ”Alas, again at the Mekong!”
The cute head waiter in Savannakhet (heavenly city) spoke English quite well. Most certainly I could have picked him up. This Lao boy had been in Bangkok before and had on that occasion danced at DJ Station which is after all the best known gay disco in Bangkok. But I was not in a sex mood and went to bed quite early. After all we were to take a hell of a bus ride to Pakxe early next morning… Read more

7 Oct 06
A visa trip to Vientiane and gay Laos
Is there a gay nightlife in Laos in the capital Vientiane? Suzy, warned by previous visits, had her doubts. But this time, bingo, she found the gay scene of Vientiane instantly. Read more

24 Jun 06
Gay Laos is worth a visit
You may recall the Johnny Cash song "A boy named Sue", a 19 year old waiter with exactly that strange name works in that nameless restaurant and he was begging us to meet him after work for drinks and, who knows, hanky panky. Read more

17 Jun 06
Nong Khai: Springboard to Laos
Nong Khai might not be on the short list of all gay travellers to Thailand, but it should be on that of those who would like to visit Laos. Nong Khai is the ideal springboard to Laos, it can easily be reached by all kinds of transport. The night life of Nong Khai may not be thriving compared with Bangkok, but you still can enjoy two or three nights without getting bored to death. Read more

1 Aug 01
Laid Back Laos
It isn’t long after arriving at the Friendship Bridge spanning the Mekong between Nong Khai, Thailand and Vientiane, Lao PDR that one realizes what PDR stands for. "Please Don’t Rush. This is Laos," as ... Read more
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