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Articles - Korea (South)
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25 Aug 07
A real and a virtual trip to gay Korea wash your anus with soap
The first Website is called Bodyguard and is quite interesting if you like Korean honks. Have a look, their website it is made for voyeurs like us. They have about twenty five bodybuilder masseurs and charge 100000 Won for in-house massage, 120000 Won for outside calls. They really have handsome boys. My favorite is probably 28 year old kyu-te with his big tits. Read more

17 Jun 06
Utopia Guide to Japan, South Korea & Taiwan
In the 1760s Japan had guidebooks in circulation detailing the homosexual pleasures to be found in its famous "floating world" of geisha and kabuki courtesans. Three centuries later a bold new publication is unveiling the vibrant contemporary gay and lesbian scene, not only in Japan, but in two neighboring countries often assumed to be rigidly conservative. Read more

30 Oct 02
Queer Culture In Korea
In June, Korea was in fevered passion. Millions were wearing red T-Shirts showing support for the Korean World Cup team. Seoul never looked better - freshly cleaned - full of flowers and special displays - packe... Read more
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