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Accounts & Advice - Cambodia
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23 Feb 08
Gay Thailand is not Gay Asia - Pattaya is so terribly boring Read this story in German
Tomorrow Suzy will start her great Gay Asian Friendship (or sex?) Tour through five countries. But today our heroine is still very busy with last preparations. She prints out all the relevant Pink Pages from Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia for the whole Gay World. Of course the printer goes on strike several times under this enormous workload and has to be shut in order to cool down. Suzy is still a technical idiot and will always be one. Read more

9 Feb 08
Wanderlust in Gay Asia Suzy in heat
You, who live in the fog or the cold might not be able to understand why Suzy Size gets so quickly bored these days. Sitting every day in Gay Pattaya Jomtien beach must seem like a dream come true for many of you over there. But Suzy Size is not happy with this perspective on hunky volleyball players, talented money boys and all the gay bars of Pattaya each and every day. It is like eating caviar every day, in the end you cannot stand it any longer. Suzy will therefore go on a five countries Gay Asian Friendship Tour and spare you no details as usual. Read more

15 Dec 07
Along the Mekong from Laos to Cambodia 4: "Alas, again at the Mekong!"
I had a beer at Salt Lounge and talked to some of the friendly local guys there. Some spoke English very well, others had more problems, but all tried hard. Later I moved on to Blue Chilli. It was quite busy there too. They have now opened a branch in Siem Reap as well. A guy approached me. Read more

8 Dec 07
Along the Mekong from Laos to Cambodia 3: Alas, again at the Mekong!
Back on the shore I snapped a cute volleyball player (see picture) and that is if you might wonder - about the only gay angle of this episode. Not entirely true: In a centrally located Kratie guest house (I forgot the name) where the only internet caf is also located (just opposite the market square) the Chinese/Cambodian owners had a stunning 19 year old son who always blushed when I talked to him. Could he read my dirty mind? Probably. Read more

1 Dec 07
Along the Mekong from Laos to Cambodia 2: Alas, again at the Mekong!
If you compare Savannakhet with Pakxe you will notice they are both at the Mekong so I could bore my patient travel companion Chris with another: Alas, again at the Mekong! Pakxe is much bigger than Savannakhet and almost mundane in comparison. But not the least traces of gay life could be spotted by your brave sentinel who was diligent and on duty day and night. Read more

24 Nov 07
Along the Mekong from Laos to Cambodia 1: Alas, again at the Mekong!
The cute head waiter in Savannakhet (heavenly city) spoke English quite well. Most certainly I could have picked him up. This Lao boy had been in Bangkok before and had on that occasion danced at DJ Station which is after all the best known gay disco in Bangkok. But I was not in a sex mood and went to bed quite early. After all we were to take a hell of a bus ride to Pakxe early next morning Read more

13 Oct 07
More about gay (friendly) places in Siem Reap
The countless restaurants and bars in the old town are full at night when everybody is back from the temple tours. A lot of young people gather here too. You can choose from many fine restaurants and bars, but later on our kind will definitely opt for the stylish Linga Bar which is predominantly gay but will of course not discriminate against straights, after all their strange behavior is probably due to their genes. Read more

6 Oct 07
Is there any gay accommodation in Siem Reap?
I was the first time in Cambodia in 1992. We had booked a horribly expensive guided tour from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, the small town adjacent to the famous temples of Angkor Wat. Early in the morning an ancient Russian plane flew us from Phnom Penh (the first leg of the trip) to Siem Reap, a bit frightening that Tupolev flight, but we survived somehow. And nowadays? The place has changed completely and has a lot to offer for the gay tourist. Read more

29 Sep 07
Does gay Phnom Penh exist?
Our writer traveled from Thailand to Cambodia, here is what she experienced: The Salt Lounge in Phnom Penh is a stylish, elegant gay bar with attentive staff and I did not stay alone for long. A cute 22year old student soon joined me for a beer. He joined me for some fleshly pleasures at my hotel later, too. He was a small boy with big equipment and sensational in any sense. Read more

26 May 07
Lingas and temples, bananas and cocktails - Gay Cambodia comes out Read this story in German
Maybe Ky is 37. Maybe he is only 33. The Cambodian does not know his date of birth. He was only a little child when the Red Khmer seized power and killed in the four years of their terror reign 2 million people. Amongst them the entire family of Ky. Only he and a younger sister survived the murderous regime of Pol Pot. Nobody alive remembers his date of birth. No records give evidence to the birth of Ky. Read more

28 Nov 05
Siem Reap Scene
Many farang expats in Thailand think of Cambodia merely as a visa-run destination--cross the border and come back--and indeed it is the closest border crossing from Bangkok, and certainly from more easterly Pattaya--three hours and youre there. Various tour companies offer all-in... Read more

1 Aug 01
Report from Cambodia
Phnom Penh’s (PNP) gay scene is just emerging. Particularly during the last year or so. It is now easy to meet Cambodian men. Well, it was never too difficult really, but nowadays supply seems to exceed demand. And you may even meet some passionate lovers, even ones who seem to k... Read more
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