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Stories - Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Stories - Siem Reap, Cambodia
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20 Nov 10
Short time in Siem Reap
You, gay visitors of Cambodia, are probably not interested in the meetings Suzy Size had with her motherly (or almost grandmotherly) friend Eva and her sister, but want to know all that happened at MENs. Arriving at the desk of MENs, Suzy and Patrick were seated and served a delicious welcome drink at the lobby and Pierre, who owns the hotel together with his friendly Cambodian partner, came to greet your heroine and have a little chat. In the mean time the good looking staff Pierre certainly has good eyes filled in the paper work. Read more

21 Aug 10
Resort and sauna exclusively for men is big success in Siem Reap
When your malign heroine Suzy Size published her latest piece about gay Siem Reap in June, Robert wrote the following comment on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World: When have you been to Siem Reap? As you don't mention MEN's, you were probably not there this year. MEN's Resort has opened last December, and now it is definitely the place to go for gay travelers in Siem Reap. I was there last month, and enjoyed so much to be in this all-male resort! In the evening, local guys come to the use the Sauna and Swimming pool. Some are so cute! (I'm crazy for Cambodian boys). Of course, I've been to visit Angkor Wat, but besides that I stayed much of my time at MEN's. So great there! Read more

17 Jan 09
Angkor: Choose the Golden Banana of your liking
Preparing for her trip to Angkor, Suzy Size naturally contacted Dirk De Graaff, the General Manager of Golden Banana Boutique Hotel, but could not be lodged there because they were already fully booked. But Dirk suggested in his mail your heroine should come over for a chat whilst in Siem Reap, the pleasant little town which is the gateway to the famous temples around Angkor. And one evening Suzy Size just did that. It was relatively cool and after a pleasant short walk from The Old Market she reached the premises of Golden Banana or should it not rather read (in plural) Golden Bananas? Read more

10 Jan 09
Great choice of gay and gay friendly places for visitors of Angkor
You do not go to Siem Reap because of the gay night life, you go for the temples of Angkor. But having said that, it is so nice that more and more gay (or gay friendly) places open up and add colour to that lovely little village gateway to Angkor. Read more

4 Apr 08
The gay night life of Siem Reap Blue Chilli too is the favourite Read this story in German
Suzy suspects the owner of Le Bistro de Paris to be gay as well, since he was briefly visited by a stunning Cambodian guy when Suzy paid her check. Overwhelmed by sexual greed she immediately had to follow that sexy guy when he left Le Bistro. What would you have done, gay sex tourist? But, alas, another deep disappointment, he boarded his motorcycle and was never ever seen again. Suzy Size did not even have the time to take his picture and proof her case with a snap on Sticky Rice Gay Asia Guide and Gay Guide World. Read more

3 Apr 08
Return to friendly Ei8ht Rooms Why does Fritzy Frizz have no girl friend? Read this story in German
Ei8ht Rooms is located conveniently just walking distance to the old center of town with all the restaurants, pubs and bars. It is definitely gay friendly, if not gay, and the least expensive of the three gay or gay friendly hotels in Siem Reap. They only have eight rooms you understand the name now, gay sex tourist and Suzy Size who had not bothered to make a reservation was really lucky to get the eights or very last room. All their rooms are well equipped with air con, fridge, TV and DVD player and they are well decorated too. This hotel is at 18 US $ a real bargain. Read more

2 Apr 08
An episode almost free of gay stuff Is Switzerland near Scotland? Read this story in German
You may think, Suzy Size makes up all those stories, but they all really happened. Suzy has no fantasy at all and could never invent a thing. So you must believe your traveling heroine - now in the last phase, the twilight zone of her crazy trip beloved Beauregard really was at the bus terminal of the mighty Mekong Express when Suzy got there, early as always. But, alas, he was not wearing the orange silk uniform of the bus attendants, he was only helping the company to board the many passengers. Read more

13 Oct 07
More about gay (friendly) places in Siem Reap
The countless restaurants and bars in the old town are full at night when everybody is back from the temple tours. A lot of young people gather here too. You can choose from many fine restaurants and bars, but later on our kind will definitely opt for the stylish Linga Bar which is predominantly gay but will of course not discriminate against straights, after all their strange behavior is probably due to their genes. Read more

6 Oct 07
Is there any gay accommodation in Siem Reap?
I was the first time in Cambodia in 1992. We had booked a horribly expensive guided tour from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, the small town adjacent to the famous temples of Angkor Wat. Early in the morning an ancient Russian plane flew us from Phnom Penh (the first leg of the trip) to Siem Reap, a bit frightening that Tupolev flight, but we survived somehow. And nowadays? The place has changed completely and has a lot to offer for the gay tourist. Read more

22 Sep 07
Ancient Cambodian money boys in Angkor
Our writer prepares for a trip to Cambodia and discovers an interesting new book about the ancient Khmer. Apparently Angkor was full of money boys not unlike the Kathoys in Thailand nowadays. A contemporary Chinese visitor is disgusted. We are more amused. Read more

26 May 07
Lingas and temples, bananas and cocktails - Gay Cambodia comes out Read this story in German
Maybe Ky is 37. Maybe he is only 33. The Cambodian does not know his date of birth. He was only a little child when the Red Khmer seized power and killed in the four years of their terror reign 2 million people. Amongst them the entire family of Ky. Only he and a younger sister survived the murderous regime of Pol Pot. Nobody alive remembers his date of birth. No records give evidence to the birth of Ky. Read more
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