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Accounts & Advice - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Accounts & Advice - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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16 Mar 13
A last return to gay Phnom Penh?
Suzy Size had dinner with her straight friends and then naturally joined the gay Phnom Penh crowds at Blue Chilli. There was a nice young man there that caught the attention of your heroine. He was quite funny and your heroine paid him some beers. Naturally he wanted to join Miss Size for the night or short time, but Suzy turned him down for now. She had him come over the next afternoon instead and he came, indeed, they actually both came, eventually… Read more

27 Aug 11
Waiting for Mr. Gay Phnom Penh in the rain and in vain?
Sweet Samak was only 25 years old and had – until recently – graced the rice fields around Siem Reap with his almost godly presence. That was the reason for his many muscles which were clearly visible under his immaculate white shirt.
But, alas, he was in search of a boyfriend and thus probably not prone to follow your heroine to her modest Phnom Penh quarters for carnival pleasures only, with no promise made to share a life or at least a fortune.
To add insult to injury, two horrible – but (sadly) quite good looking, younger – Vietnamese rice queens had entered the premises and they knew Mr. Samak from his time in Siem Reap where he apparently sometimes frequented notoriously gay Linga bar…
It must be said, Mr. Samak seemed to be very happy – almost delighted - to meet those Vietnamese horror tarts again! Read more

20 Aug 11
Hoping to meet sexy Mr. Gay Phnom Penh
Look, gay tourist to Asia and the world in general, it is true, after some weeks or – in this case - three full months in good old Pattaya, Suzy Size becomes a bit nervous, wanderlust gets a grip on her and she normally starts moving again, departs on another of her trips in search of male beauty. But this recent trip to gay Cambodia and gay Vietnam is also due to a terrible blunder back in Brazil! In Porto Seguro your heroine had seen cocoa for the very first time in her life and – naturally - wanted to grow that interesting tree in her luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo as well. After all, it is so tempting for an old Swiss tart to grow “chocolate bars” on a tree! Read more

13 Aug 11
Waiting to meet Mr. Gay Phnom Penh
Now Suzy is still sitting in her hotel room, but time is mercilessly running out. Your heroine has asked Mr. Rainbow 2011 (he was not free last night, unfortunately) to join your nervous heroine in her simple quarters at 2 pm sharp. Not only does she have to finish this short piece in a haste (and send it off, otherwise no time for this until Saturday and you, gay user of this site, would not hear of your heroine at all this week) she wants to cover the floor of her room with petals of red roses for godly Mr. Samak to walk on. She wants to take a shower and shave, sprinkle her worn out body with refined scents. If time only would allow, she also would have a face lift! Read more

7 Aug 10
Preliminary pains and final breakthrough in Phnom Penh
Blue Chilli is immensely popular, especially during the weekends and Suzy at first could not find a seat. There was a young, but incredibly fat und therefore ugly Farang sitting at a table with two chairs. Suzy used all her available witchcraft and bespoke him and her willpower worked: Soon after he paid his bill seemingly slightly disturbed, left and Suzy took over his former prime position in this spider net. Before long juicy prey was caught and brought back to the safe heaven of the Flamingos. This is the usual thing happening at Blue Chilli. What then occurred in the privacy of the quarters, you may be able to imagine, gay tourist to Cambodia. It is the old, old thing. Read more

25 Jul 09
Short time in gay Phnom Penh
Suzy was not sitting at Salt Lounge for long when an attractive young man sat down at the table besides her. Not very much later and the two protagonists were talking with each other. One of the first questions Suzy asked (are you surprised by the originality?):
”What is your name?”
”Ashley”, was the answer.
Now you must know, gay fellow sex tourist, Suzy had met lovely Ashley in December when she had visited Phnom Penh with Walter and Werner and hesitant Walter had finally been persuaded by his two companions to take Ashley with him to the hotel. Read more

3 Jan 09
A young gay Cambodian wants to buy off your heroine
Suzy headed for the relatively new Shopping Center near Central Market to buy the newest DVDs. But first she had to pee her lunch beer and entered the toilet of said place. A young guy was there for the same reason and Suzy glanced at him from the side. He smiled at her, but Suzy had no time for hanky-panky and rushed to her favorite DVD shop. Soon she found “Mamma Mia” and “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, but then was completely deranged in her endeavors by the handsome young man from the toilet who would not move from the side of your baffled heroine. Bontag had a killer smile and surprisingly could speak German (besides English) quite well at his tender age of 21. Suzy invited him for a beer and soon could verify: Yes, he was our kind, but… Read more

28 Mar 08
The gay heroes of Phnom Penh II – blue Blue Chili and salty Salt Lounge Read this story in German
There are basically two main gay bars in Phnom Penh: Salt Lounge and Blue Chilli (not counting new Amam Café and Spa we talked about yesterday). If you want to know details you can always access their websites through the clickable entries in Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Asia Guide and Gay Guide World. After dinner at the FCCC Suzy Size headed right to Salt Lounge which is walking distance away (Blue Chilli is, too). There are bars with interesting names just besides Salt Lounge, for instance Babylon and 69 Bar, but be warned sternly: They are straight bars where all kind of strange vices are promoted. Awas, awas! Read more

27 Mar 08
The gay heroes of Phnom Penh – staying at Manor House is like coming home Read this story in German
Another two hours flight with Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Phnom Penh. This time Suzy was boarding at Keluar T1, last time it had been Keluar T8, remember? Quite some progress! For the very last time Suzy could read that glorious word Lelak written on a toilet door. And then, after some long and deep thoughts about Troy, which are omitted here for reasons of obscenity, Suzy Size arrived at the airport of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. Read more

29 Sep 07
Does gay Phnom Penh exist?
Our writer traveled from Thailand to Cambodia, here is what she experienced: “The Salt Lounge in Phnom Penh is a stylish, elegant gay bar with attentive staff and I did not stay alone for long. A cute 22year old student soon joined me for a beer. He joined me for some fleshly pleasures at my hotel later, too. He was a small boy with big equipment and sensational in any sense.” Read more
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