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2 Oct 10
From Mumbai to Kolkata – The rainbow is flying high over India
“Incredible !ndia”: The catchy tourism advertisement slogan for India is incredibly true! India is incredibly poor, incredibly rich, incredibly beautiful and incredibly ugly, incredibly modern and incredibly medieval, in one word: incredibly colorful. And since July 2nd, 2009, the many colors of the rainbow are flying high over India as well. In a landmark ruling the Indian High Court decided that day to decriminalize homosexual acts by rescinding paragraph 377, which penalized sodomy acts, an inheritance from the prude British colonial times. A lot has changed since. Read more

19 Dec 09
Gay India: What went wrong?
Your heroine has traveled a lot this year. The infamous Gay World Friendship Tour took her to India, China, Laos, Russia, the Baltics, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. In gay Thailand: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nong Khai and – not to forget – Pattaya were revisited. As the year comes to an end, Suzy Size looks back on some highlights and starts with India this week. Read more

2 May 09
Give my love to Bangkok
But then Suzy Size finally discovered the star of the Fairlawn Hotel which is – without doubt – 1921 born Violet Smith who happens to own this unique place. She is to be found at the lobby every single day of the year and converses here with her guests, many of whom are or were famous. Tom Stoppard staid at the Fairlawn and so did Julie Christie, Penelope Cruz, singer Sting and Patrick Swayze who formed a lasting friendship with Violet Smith when filming “City of Joy” at her hotel. Suzy Size instantly discovered a soul mate in Mrs. Smith who is a restored redhead, always perfectly well coiffed and manicured, with thick red lipstick and certainly not hiding her jewelry. Violet has a sharp mind and a sharp mouth… Read more

25 Apr 09
Culture shock in Delhi – gay India may, or may not exist
In Delhi there was this last straw that breaks the camels back. Suzy Size, walking around splendid colonial Connaught Place, saw that woman in agony. She might have been between 25 or 30 years of age. She was sitting on the ground of one of the main squares of Delhi. She was incredibly dirty, her both legs heavily swollen. She was obviously in deep pain. She was crying in a final desperation. Even when some good hearted Indians gave her a 10 Rupees bill (20 US Cents) she would not notice but continue to cry in that heartbreaking manner. 10 Rupees were not making any difference now any longer. This was no clever show by a beggar, that woman was dying very publicly in the centre of Delhi. And nobody did anything. And your heroine did nothing, too. Read more

18 Apr 09
Touched by the Taj – meeting some Hijras
Suzy Size went on a walk around town in order to get a first outside impression of the Taj Mahal which is closed for visitors in the evening. She knew her hotel was close to the Taj but got the direction wrong. Finally she gave in to one of the many offers of bicycle rickshaw drivers and let him drive your heroine around. As you might have suspected, gay India sex tourist, this driver was young (20 years of age) and cute. Read more

11 Apr 09
A gay bar in Jaipur – discover the Pink City
Suzy Size returned to Bouncer Bar for a final visit. The well tipped waiter brought the Kingfisher Lager without Suzy asking for it. The TV showed Bollywood crap as usual. That Oliver Twist boy was there and tried his luck again with that bucket and the cleaning-rag kneeling on the dirty floor. It was a hopeless, totally futile undertaking. Then two guys asked permission to join your heroine at her table. The older one said he was a doctor, but he looked more like a hoodlum. The younger one was cute and Suzy Size would have loved to take him up to the shabby rooms of the Maharaja hotel to enjoy some privacy with him. Read more

4 Apr 09
A final fulfilment – or rather a nuclear explosion? - in the desert near Jaisalmer
Suzy Size was riding a camel in the desert near Jaisalmer. Your heroine was in high spirits. She had gotten a very interesting chocolate at that dedicated BHANG shop in town – a chocolate which was all green. She had taken a large piece of that sweet stuff and was laughing non-stop on that camel called Lucky. A unbiased observer would probably say, she was laughing like an idiot on that camel. Her thoughts went back to that beautiful waiter or hotel attendant with that killer smile at the Imperial hotel of Chaisalmer. His name was Dipak, sweet 22 years, just gorgeous. Read more

28 Mar 09
The masseur of the Maharaja of Dungarpur
Suzy Size had a much better, more suitable idea. She had made arrangements to meet the masseur of the Maharaja of Dungarpur at the specially allocated massage room at the palace. The hour was 650 Rupees (15 $ US) for a so called “scientific” massage, which sounded very interesting. Before she had made the booking, she had assured they only had male masseurs for men at the palace. His age was supposed to be around 35 years, not too old, not too young for your heroine. Suzy took a foam bath in her room, sprinkled all kind of oriental perfumes and scents over her worn out body and met said masseur punctually and cheerfully at 3.45 pm in the designated massage room. The door was closed and Suzy Size laid on the massage table, eager to await the outcome of this new adventure. Read more

21 Mar 09
More (gay) sex in the Indian countryside than in cities
The palace of the Maharaja (or Maharani) of Udaipur is fantastic. Suzy Size, your restless heroine, was deeply impressed. Such riches, such incredible amounts of artifacts, marble stuff, weapons, jewelry, you cannot believe it. The favorite white horse of the Maharaja was disguised as a baby elephant, having an artificial trunk added to its snout, before one of those so important battles with some long forgotten Mogul rulers. Did that disguise work? Was the horse taken for a young elephant and thus not killed during battle? Read more

14 Mar 09
Experience the only Mumbai gay bar
When Suzy Size was looking for Vodoo – supposedly the only gay bar between Istanbul and Bangkok – she did not immediately see the sign in that sea of signs, but was approached by a young man that had sensed she was looking out for something in that Colaba entertainment area. When your restless heroine asked him about Vodoo, he instantly knew it and pointed at the place just a few meters back. And then he offered to give a massage… Read more

7 Mar 09
The only gay bar between Istanbul and Bangkok finally found!
Cruising is extremely difficult in Mumbai. There is some cruising going on, on the beach promenade in front of the Taj Mahal Hotel. But the longer you are in Mumbai the less you try to meet the eye of anybody. As soon as you establish eye contact, the good looking (or not so good looking) guy will try to sell you some junk instead of meat. You will certainly meet a young man here that wants to sell you one of those gigantic and certainly phallic balloons. At a “very good price” you will be assured time and again, but you would really like to buy his ass. Read more

28 Feb 09
Do the gay Mumbai (horny) men really meet at Horniman Circle?
First time visitor Suzy was overwhelmed by the constant noises and masses of people in the streets of Mumbai, the horrible and constantly horning cars and that incredible traffic, the air pollution, less the odors, though. Suzy passed by Horniman Circle Gardens and was intrigued by this interesting name: Is it here that all the horny Indian honks will meet at night? Read more

21 Feb 09
All set: Gay India we are coming
Suzy Size admittedly has a lot in common with Bree Hodge (formerly: Bree Van de Kamp) in the Desperate Housewives series. She loves cooking and gardening and is a bit too perfectionist and controlling. So before going to India to explore gay life there, everything should be settled well in good old Pattaya, there are so many items on her short list. First and foremost, Suzy needs an Indian Visa after having booked a flight to Mumbai with Jet Airways for roughly 6000 Baht. Read more

14 Feb 09
Banking on trees
As you might have known: Money does not grow on trees. And now, that Suzy Size has felt that Wanderlust again, your heroine had to think about how to finance her next few legs of the never ending Gay World Friendship Tour. It is so easy to make travel plans: First your heroine will fly to Mumbai, stay some days there, then fly to Udaipur and start a 21 day trip through Rajastan, visiting places she never even heard the names or has any idea at all what to see there, but she is certainly always on the outlook for spicy Indians and her gaydar will be switched on wide open at all times. The more difficult question: How to pay for this? Read more

31 May 08
Breaking news: Gay World Friendship Tour starts in earnest
The rout of the first two months of the Gay World Friendship Tour are now clear, and the gay masses can cheer their heroine on the way, if they should wish to do so. Interesting individuals along the route are hereby invited to write to Suzy (editor at if they wish to meet her. But be warned: Do not write if you are boring! But do write: If you want to host Suzy at your villa, wine and dine her endlessly there and borrow your house boys or boy friends during the nights. Get in touch: If you own a 9 star hotel and would like Suzy to move in for free as long as she wishes. Read more

5 Feb 04
Mumbai’s Money Boys
Earlier this year, in a special issue devoted to partying, the weekly newsmagazine India Today, did an expose on a new addition to India’s nightlife scene-money boys! Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), it was reported, now has a new breed of “middle-class males who trade sex for money to maintain t... Read more

14 Oct 03
A Quickie In Kashmir
Before setting off on my Kashmir adventure, I had another kind of adventure in Delhi. I was being hosted at Delhi’s Marriott Welcome Hotel as a media delegate for an Indian travel mart, and the Marriott, one of... Read more

7 Aug 02
Ganges Guys
‘Ganja, marijuana?’ intones the bearded sadhu (holy man) with matted locks, perched atop his make-shift wooden throne on the Ganges at Assi Ghat, repeating himself as if reciting some sacred mantra. I had ju... Read more

1 Jun 02
The Return of the Catamites
With the repressive, draconian Taliban regime gone from Kandahar, Afghanistan, Western journalists have already noted that the traditions of homosexuality are re-emerging in this ancient, medieval city that had long been known as a bastion of man-boy love in Central Asia. Kandahar’s Pashtun men hav... Read more

5 Jan 02
Carrying On Up the Khyber
Flying into Lahore International Airport, the first impression a visitor gets upon arriving in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the relative absence of females on the street-and the few that are there are, in a sense, a... Read more
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