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Stories - Mumbai, India

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Stories - Mumbai, India
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14 Mar 09
Experience the only Mumbai gay bar
When Suzy Size was looking for Vodoo – supposedly the only gay bar between Istanbul and Bangkok – she did not immediately see the sign in that sea of signs, but was approached by a young man that had sensed she was looking out for something in that Colaba entertainment area. When your restless heroine asked him about Vodoo, he instantly knew it and pointed at the place just a few meters back. And then he offered to give a massage… Read more

7 Mar 09
The only gay bar between Istanbul and Bangkok finally found!
Cruising is extremely difficult in Mumbai. There is some cruising going on, on the beach promenade in front of the Taj Mahal Hotel. But the longer you are in Mumbai the less you try to meet the eye of anybody. As soon as you establish eye contact, the good looking (or not so good looking) guy will try to sell you some junk instead of meat. You will certainly meet a young man here that wants to sell you one of those gigantic and certainly phallic balloons. At a “very good price” you will be assured time and again, but you would really like to buy his ass. Read more

28 Feb 09
Do the gay Mumbai (horny) men really meet at Horniman Circle?
First time visitor Suzy was overwhelmed by the constant noises and masses of people in the streets of Mumbai, the horrible and constantly horning cars and that incredible traffic, the air pollution, less the odors, though. Suzy passed by Horniman Circle Gardens and was intrigued by this interesting name: Is it here that all the horny Indian honks will meet at night? Read more

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