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Accounts & Advice - Kolkata, India

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Accounts & Advice - Kolkata, India
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2 Oct 10
From Mumbai to Kolkata – The rainbow is flying high over India
“Incredible !ndia”: The catchy tourism advertisement slogan for India is incredibly true! India is incredibly poor, incredibly rich, incredibly beautiful and incredibly ugly, incredibly modern and incredibly medieval, in one word: incredibly colorful. And since July 2nd, 2009, the many colors of the rainbow are flying high over India as well. In a landmark ruling the Indian High Court decided that day to decriminalize homosexual acts by rescinding paragraph 377, which penalized sodomy acts, an inheritance from the prude British colonial times. A lot has changed since. Read more

2 May 09
Give my love to Bangkok
But then Suzy Size finally discovered the star of the Fairlawn Hotel which is – without doubt – 1921 born Violet Smith who happens to own this unique place. She is to be found at the lobby every single day of the year and converses here with her guests, many of whom are or were famous. Tom Stoppard staid at the Fairlawn and so did Julie Christie, Penelope Cruz, singer Sting and Patrick Swayze who formed a lasting friendship with Violet Smith when filming “City of Joy” at her hotel. Suzy Size instantly discovered a soul mate in Mrs. Smith who is a restored redhead, always perfectly well coiffed and manicured, with thick red lipstick and certainly not hiding her jewelry. Violet has a sharp mind and a sharp mouth… Read more

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