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Stories - Indonesia
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14 May 11
Cosy hideaway found on Bali
Phils Place serves breakfast, but no lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served all day and you can expect to share the huge breakfast table with your fellow guests. You will have met them probably already right after arrival since Phil arranges late afternoons a meet-the-guests for newcomers. Drinks are on the house, Phil introduces everybody and then it is up to you what to make out of your new best friends. Go out and hit the bars with them, share a tour to Ubud or the famous Hindu Temples of Tanah Lot and Mengwi or have a little fun with them in the privacy of your room or their room. Read more

7 May 11
In search of the gay Surabaya Johnny
Muscled coolies carry heavy baskets filled with vegetables, fruits, rice and fish through the narrow lanes. Quite some of some could be a Surabaya Johnny actually. But roaming through CDs in a dusty record store is in vain: no Surabaya-Johnny-CD to be found. However many of these rugged sailors and dock hand in the nearby port where traditional fishing boats are anchoring next to state-of the art container vessels look like descendants of the sailor Johnny, whom the young woman in the song still yearns for despite the unhappy ending of their love affair: You got no heart, Johnny. You're just no good. You going now? Oh, tell me why. I love you after all, Johnny, like that very first day. Read more

28 Aug 10
Transsex and the Javanese City
Mariani is a devout Muslim woman. However, just as the transsexual has not always been a woman she has not always been a follower of Islam. The 53 year old mother of a nine year old, adopted daughter was born into a catholic family in Yogyakarta in Central Java. But even working as a cook in a catholic convent couldnt stop her from switching religion. I always felt attracted by Islam, she confesses. Her love to Allah made Mariani famous beyond the borders of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. Four years ago Mariani founded a pesantren, an Islamic school, for Waria, her fellow transsexuals. Read more

25 Mar 08
9M, the heavenly gay place in hellish Jakarta in search of gay Jakarta IV Read this story in German
Suzy Size was received by good looking and polished Assistant Manager Angga who inquired about the needs of your heroine. Was Suzy also visiting the gay sauna or only here for a massage? The place has about 600 square meters which is huge. Only massage. One of those photo albums was presented. They really should have their models on-line, even though none would match Troy back in gay Johor Bahru, but that is very difficult indeed. Read more

24 Mar 08
Jakarta, the horrible city in search of gay Jakarta III Read this story in German
In Jakarta Suzy Size should have stayed in her room. Maybe she even should have stayed in her bed. She could have called William over, according to his ad in the Jakarta Post a Top model and available 24 hours. Or Abie, despite of the girlish name a man as well, available 24 hours. Or Alik. Or Dino. Or Glen. All are available 24 hours. But no, she did not want to lower herself in the eyes of benign M. Idris by inviting a male prostitute over. Read more

23 Mar 08
An oasis of love and peace in a horrible city in search of gay Jakarta II Read this story in German
So Suzy Size, frightened to death by a pseudo mass murderer taxi driver, arrived in this oasis of peace and found love here too. Our heroine was received by wonderful M. Idris, who is stunning. He spoke very little English (most Indonesians speak very little or rather no English). So Suzy knows little factual stuff about M. Idris. But who cares? Use your own imagination for once. M. Idris is between 23 and 25 years of age, probably about 1.70 meters high. He has the fairest of faces, remarkable eyes and the most sensual lips. M. Idris, M. Idris, M. Idris, does not the sound of his name alone evoke something benign? Read more

22 Mar 08
Those who travel do take risks in search of gay Jakarta Read this story in German
At the Adusijiptan Airport in Yogyakarta they are terribly careless. They still let you bring in your own bottled water! Apparently they have - in their incredible naivety or ignorance - not even heard of the dangers of water. In other countries they will take your drinking water away from you instantly and give you that dirty anti terrorist look, because it can explode. Suzy thinks the hydrogen car is based on that technical principle. But in Yogyakarta they are not in fear. Awas, awas. Read more

21 Mar 08
The Borobodur is a bit boring cruising (and landing in) gay Yogyakarta 3 Read this story in German
So off to the Borobodur our heroine went. She entered the Masuk (entrance) and climbed up the structure. 1 hour and 45 minutes were more than enough for senseless Suzy Size. She thought this to be a pretty place and, yes, proabably OK, to visit once in a lifetime. But Angkor Wat was much better. Even Wat Phou in Champasak province (Laos) impressed our heroine much more. The Borobodur bored Suzy a bit. She almost wished she was in sacred Artemis in gay Johor Bahru, entertained by her hero Troy, who else? Read more

20 Mar 08
Meeting a sad sailor cruising gay Yogyakarta 2 Read this story in German
When the food came Suzy was well into her second Bintang. The food was eatable, but the Bintang certainly helped. But the waiter Suzy suddenly realized was very cute. How could such a good looking man serve such horrible food? Suzy started a conversation or is it called inquisition? In no time she knew his whole life. His name was Tony, 28 years old, and he was from a hamlet in Sumatra with two or five million inhabitants, Suzy had never even heard the name. Read more

19 Mar 08
Signs of hope cruising gay Yogyakarta Read this story in German
Suzy sneaked through a publication called Jogja Ad and found under Service Jogja the following two highly interesting ads: Massage for male travelers, 40 years old and up. Call Henry 081392375656. And: Male therapist for men, and able to guide you during your vacation. Make your tour & holiday fresher & relax. Call Bimo 0818272079. Read more

18 Mar 08
Perlepasan Antabarangsa Arrival at Yogyakarta airport Read this story in German
The way to the LCCT-KLIA (Eduard: that sounds even nastier than the obscene KLIA alone) and the waiting time till her Perlepasan Antabarangsa (International Departure) to Yogyakarta gave Suzy Size yet again the possibility to further enhance her Malay language skills. Awas, awas! This is written everywhere and rightly so. Remember, gay sex tourist, this is a crowded planet where roofs can instantly fall down and planes can fall too. Suzy repeated her favorite word as well: Lelaki. Lovely Lelaki Read more

23 Feb 08
Gay Thailand is not Gay Asia - Pattaya is so terribly boring Read this story in German
Tomorrow Suzy will start her great Gay Asian Friendship (or sex?) Tour through five countries. But today our heroine is still very busy with last preparations. She prints out all the relevant Pink Pages from Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia for the whole Gay World. Of course the printer goes on strike several times under this enormous workload and has to be shut in order to cool down. Suzy is still a technical idiot and will always be one. Read more

9 Feb 08
Wanderlust in Gay Asia Suzy in heat
You, who live in the fog or the cold might not be able to understand why Suzy Size gets so quickly bored these days. Sitting every day in Gay Pattaya Jomtien beach must seem like a dream come true for many of you over there. But Suzy Size is not happy with this perspective on hunky volleyball players, talented money boys and all the gay bars of Pattaya each and every day. It is like eating caviar every day, in the end you cannot stand it any longer. Suzy will therefore go on a five countries Gay Asian Friendship Tour and spare you no details as usual. Read more

5 May 07
Gay Exorcism on Sumba
"Please, tell him, I would do anything to be loved again by this man." While his guide translated these words to the witch doctor, Wulf desperately stared at Iwao`s face smiling at him from the photo as he had always smiled, half embarrassed, half flattered. Read more
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