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Accounts & Advice - Jakarta, Indonesia

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Accounts & Advice - Jakarta, Indonesia
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25 Mar 08
9M, the heavenly gay place in hellish Jakarta – in search of gay Jakarta IV Read this story in German
Suzy Size was received by good looking and polished Assistant Manager Angga who inquired about the needs of your heroine. Was Suzy also visiting the gay sauna or only here for a massage? The place has about 600 square meters which is huge. Only massage. One of those photo albums was presented. They really should have their models on-line, even though none would match Troy back in gay Johor Bahru, but that is very difficult indeed. Read more

24 Mar 08
Jakarta, the horrible city – in search of gay Jakarta III Read this story in German
In Jakarta Suzy Size should have stayed in her room. Maybe she even should have stayed in her bed. She could have called William over, according to his ad in the “Jakarta Post” a “Top model” and available 24 hours. Or Abie, despite of the girlish name a man as well, available 24 hours. Or Alik. Or Dino. Or Glen. All are available 24 hours. But no, she did not want to lower herself in the eyes of benign M. Idris by inviting a male prostitute over. Read more

23 Mar 08
An oasis of love and peace in a horrible city – in search of gay Jakarta II Read this story in German
So Suzy Size, frightened to death by a pseudo mass murderer taxi driver, arrived in this oasis of peace and found love here too. Our heroine was received by wonderful M. Idris, who is stunning. He spoke very little English (most Indonesians speak very little or rather no English). So Suzy knows little factual stuff about M. Idris. But who cares? Use your own imagination for once. M. Idris is between 23 and 25 years of age, probably about 1.70 meters high. He has the fairest of faces, remarkable eyes and the most sensual lips. M. Idris, M. Idris, M. Idris, does not the sound of his name alone evoke something benign? Read more

22 Mar 08
Those who travel do take risks – in search of gay Jakarta Read this story in German
At the Adusijiptan Airport in Yogyakarta they are terribly careless. They still let you bring in your own bottled water! Apparently they have - in their incredible naivety or ignorance - not even heard of the dangers of water. In other countries they will take your drinking water away from you instantly and give you that dirty anti terrorist look, because it can explode. Suzy thinks the hydrogen car is based on that technical principle. But in Yogyakarta they are not in fear. Awas, awas. Read more
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