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28 Jun 08
Jus primae noctis: The strange straight ways back in Hong Kong
But that girl besides Suzy obviously believed in praying. She was to become a domestic helper in Hong Kong, leaving her native Mindanao for the very first time. Of course she was not told about those strange straight rites in Hong Kong called jus primae noctis. It allows the employers to rape those girls first night they arrive and sleep with them ever after. (The Chinese in Hong Kong took that cute custom over from the visiting Spaniards in the year XLLXLL.) But obviously that young and innocent girl sensed something like that. Your moved heroine did not try to convert that devote catholic girl to Voodoo which makes far more sense to Suzy Size (especially in such a dreadful situation) than Catholicism. She even went so far as to lie and tell the girl in the sweetest possible voice “everything will be all right, dear”. Read more

17 May 08
Great (but expensive) gay Hong Kong – All Boys Club, Wally Matt, Central Escalator
When Suzy Size came to Hong Kong for the first and only time about twenty years ago, she just hated it. Too many rude Chinese, the horrible traffic, noises, the lack of gay life – all those factors contributed to her unfavourable view of this hectic city. (And she was still a small town girl then.) This time around our heroine had a ball and liked every minute of her two stays (two days on the way to Manila and Taipei, two days on the way back). Read more

10 May 08
Great (but expensive) gay Hong Kong – arrival at a hotel prison cell
When Suzy reached Nathan Road (which is walking distance from the China Ferry Terminal at Victoria Harbor) she saw the ugly building right away where her cheap hotel was located. Just looking at the dilapidated building explained the unusual low Hong Kong price of roughly 1200 Baht for a single bed room with its own bath room, TV and wireless internet connection in the newly renovated USA Hotel. Suzy queued at the right elevator of Mirador Mansion. There were many backpackers there in waiting and it took a long time till it finally arrived. Suzy was the last passenger to enter that antique elevator, but the first to leave it at floor 13. Read more

26 Apr 08
Gay China trip in limbo
Those stubborn Communist Chinese! It used to be a matter of a day to get a visa to China in Hong Kong. But now – over night – the rules by the bureaucrats in Beijing have changed. When Suzy Size went to the relevant office just besides Nathan road she was told she needed an air thicket, out of China that is, in order to obtain a visa. But that was not the idea. Suzy wanted to cross into China overland, starting in Shenzhen, then proceed to Gouangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing and maybe also visit the beautiful Terracotta Warriors in Xian. From there a trip to Tibet was at least thinkable – but in an instant that whole idea of this gay discovery China excursion seemed completely out of the question. Read more

8 Dec 07
Interview with the gay Tiger of Hong Kong
When Mr. Tiger put up his Website on the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Asia Guide World the editor wanted to know more about this service oriented gay Chinese man and interviewed him. If you want to know more about his precious services or contact Mr. Tiger just go to Pink Pages, Hong Kong, Massage and click through to him. Warning: There are some nude pictures of this quite good looking fellow there too. Read more
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