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Stories - Paris, France

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Stories - Paris, France
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11 Jul 07
Where were you 9/11? - Sex is the best remedy when you just made it once more Read this story in German
Everybody remembers where they were 9/11. Suzy Size had returned that very morning from Europe and was watching TV and doing her e-mails at her flat in Bangkok. She witnessed the first plane hitting the one Twin Tower, then the second one and at this stage she stopped doing her mails and moved over to Aqua Spa (today Aqua Pan) a formidable gay whorehouse (sorry, massage) in Bangkok. Read more

10 Jul 07
Mon dieu the dead soul mates of Suzy Size Read this story in German
Danielle has come from Zurich to visit Christoph and Suzy in Paris for the weekend. A cloudy Sunday, what better to do than to visit Pere Lachaise, the famous old cemetery of Paris. The Metro should bring us there in no time, but there is an incident. The underground train stops at a station, one of the passengers has passed out and is carried to a bench at the station. Read more

9 Jul 07
Tell me where the hustlers are Philandering in Paris 2 Read this story in German
When Suzy Size arrives at Centre Pompidou she suddenly remembers a sexual episode she has not thought of for years. Roland was a nice blond guy from Zurich. Suzy and him had fucked together a few times, casual consenting sex, a bit boring, but fine, nothing else to do probably. Read more

8 Jul 07
The old whores are still in place Philandering in Paris Read this story in German
Paris is extremely sexualized in the mind of Suzy Size. She has been here at the tender age of 15 the very first time, together with school friends, no parents around. Nothing happened then, but later she saw her first porn movie here, Deep Throat which made blow jobs universally popular. The sex shops were of great interest too, they had hard core porn, not only soft porn like in prudish Zurich. Read more
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