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Stories - Aix en Provence, France

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Stories - Aix en Provence, France
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5 Jul 07
Sex in Aix 2 a very strange hotel room Read this story in German
Suzy Size left the hotel room in desperate search of sex. There are basically three gay places in Aix en Provence (and a disco somewhere outside - only accessible with a car). If you want know the details always go to Pink Pages on Sticky Rice Gay Guide World. The three gay places were all in walking distance from the strange hotel Suzy had chosen not even a toilet in the room -, and within 30 minutes she had an outside glance at Mediterranean Boys which was not open yet. Read more

4 Jul 07
Sex in Aix a very strange hotel room Read this story in German
This is an university city and the crowds you see really are much younger than in all the places visited so far. This is a striking difference between Europe and Asia by the way. The average people you see in the streets in Europe are grey in grey, every second one has a walking stick or sits in a wheel chair and death is immanent everywhere. Read more

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