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Accounts & Advice - Spain
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2 Aug 08
Gay Barcelona is so sexy – the incredible boys at Thermas
Exactly 18 years ago your heroine Suzy Size went to Barcelona for one month. Officially she went to that beautiful Mediterranean port city to learn Spanish, but, as you might know, the people in Barcelona really speak Catalan and a diligent language student could much easier learn Spanish in Madrid. But they then already had that most interesting gay sauna in Barcelona called Thermas which still exists today and has not changed its wonderful formula or essence (for details as always go to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World). They then already had an abundance of gay Brazilian hunks who would spoil a discerning gentleman at highly discounted prices compared with Zurich. Read more

26 Jul 08
Gay Valencia: Trying to ride the bulls
Unfortunately there was no bull fight whilst Suzy Size was in Valencia. So instead your heroine entered the Museo Taurino which is located in an outer part of the bullring. Unfortunately visitors are not allowed to take any pictures inside. There are so many good looking toreros who display this old style concept of masculinity that seems to be typical for Valencia. Proud and self assured, masculine men stand with their back in front of a hurt bull at one stage in this fight. Logically celebrities like Ernest Hemingway, Orson Wells and Marlene Dietrich, who are shown on photos, visited the bull fights in Valencia, all of them fascinated by this kind of old style masculinity. Read more

12 Jul 08
Holla, holla gay Madrid: a very pleasant scene and crowd
Suzy Size fondly remembers her very first time in Madrid (about 25 years ago) when she went to infamous “Cine Carretas” where nobody watched the silly movie, but everybody engaged in wild male-male sex. Suzy then was not little surprised when she saw two octogenarians (or so) fucking each others (certainly without condoms since AIDS had not come out yet). She got engaged into sexual activities there with a young Gypsy hustler with an enormous cock. Fond memories of grand Madrid, indeed. Read more

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