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5 Jun 10
A gay scene in Luxor
Needless to say, Sindbad became headquarters of your traveling heroine whilst in Luxor. When she was sitting there next night – her new English friends had not arrived yet – one of the young Egyptian men that had been sitting temporarily with the group the night before was walking outside the garden restaurant together with a stunning young man. Suzy Size seized the opportunity and invited them both over for a Stella and the gladly accepted the invitation of your horny heroine. After the usual preliminaries they started negotiations in earnest. They wanted a threesome, but Miss Size did not like that idea too much. She inquired about the young and cute one which had a very well built body due to the daily visit of some Gym. That hunk said, he could do anything, Suzy very much had her doubts. Read more

29 May 10
Traps in Aswan
Suzy tried to visit Abu Simbel. There are two daily convoys from Aswan driving the three and a half hours through the desert. One is leaving at 4 am, the other at 11 am. All tour buses leave at 4 am, far too early for Suzy. So she tried to hire a taxi. An old ugly guy that spoke some English was helping and in the end it seemed your heroine had a deal. The old ugly guy was asking for baksheesh already. But no driver showed up next morning, only the ugly old guy with a new driver that wanted three times the amount agreed with the other one. So Suzy Size just walked away and thought: Fuck you! Read more

22 May 10
Dirty, dangerous Cairo
Arriving at Cairo airport was easy. Suzy paid the 15 $ for the Visa at one of the bank counters before going through immigration. The process of checking into Egypt was as smooth as silk, nobody suspected that your heroine was not a so called “real man” in the Thai meaning of words and nobody was interested in the few seeds Suzy Size had been able to acquire in Sao Paulo (a very sweet variety of small, yellow Papaya) and Istanbul (extremely spicy chilies). When Miss Size stepped out of the terminal, she told a taxi driver (after the usual hard bargaining): “Take me – at once - to The Gresham!” And off they went. Read more

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