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Stories - Munich, Germany

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Stories - Munich, Germany
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15 Jun 07
From Gay Munich to Gay Zurich: Bye, bye German Oak hello Zurich Hauptbahnhof Read this story in German
After all that Weissbier (and no sex!) it was obviously high time to leave gay Munich for even greener pastures. Being a native daughter of Zurich Suzy Size decided to flee the Munich gay scene (after firstly fleeing from gay Pattaya, remember Pattaya?) for good old Zurich which is a preferred destination of the contemporary gay (sex) tourist. They are extremely liberal in Zurich and Switzerland as a whole. Not long ago a gay and lesbian partnership law was approved by a landslide referendum or popular vote. The Swiss, always looking for compromises, vote constantly and on everything. But before finally arriving at Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main train station) Suzy Size had to leave Munich properly. Read more

14 Jun 07
From Gay Pattaya to Gay Munich: Final praise of that German Oak Read this story in German
So you are interested in gay (or not gay, but willing) Munich hustlers? Why otherwise have you opened another chapter of the notorious Suzy Size intimate gay diary, chapter Munich? Well, Suzy Size must congratulate you for your enduring interest in the gay worlds conundrums and immediately continues her gay blog. Colibri, as I said just around the corner of well located gay hotel Deutsche Eiche (German Oak) is the smaller one of the two Munich hustler bars reminiscent a bit of the prudish fifties - and the customers or sugar daddies there seem to be a bit older (and poorer) than their colleagues at Alexanders. Read more

13 Jun 07
From Gay Pattaya to Gay Munich: Lasting praise of that German Oak Read this story in German
Having breakfast at famous gay Munich hotel Deutsche Eiche (German Oak) is a hearty culinary retreat, as I said before. But it is also a pure pleasure for other reasons. The waiters are so attentive and extremely friendly. The one that had Suzy Size enlightened about the gay Munich hustler bars was still working the morning after. You can watch and judge the other gay guests there in the morning, you might have seen them the night before at the gay bars or gay discos of Munich. Do they suffer of severe hang over this morning? Do they have that special smile on their beaming faces because they got laid last night by a gay Brazilian hunk? Read more

12 Jun 07
From Gay Pattaya to Gay Munich: More and more praise of that German Oak Read this story in German
Remember: Your gay Sentinel Suzy Size just had asked that friendly waiter at Deutsche Eiche (German Oak) famous gay Munich hotel, sauna and restaurant whether or not there are hustlers at the sauna? The idea behind the question was to find out what kind of massage that gay guy from Indonesia probably had in mind when he tried to lure Suzy into this sauna. Since Suzy Size profoundly hates health massages, but loves sex massages including relaxing blow jobs, this was a very important question. Read more

11 Jun 07
From Gay Pattaya to Gay Munich: More and more praise of that German Oak Read this story in German
To be, or not to be? At Deutsche Eiche (German Oak) gay sauna in Munich, that was the question now. Join - or not join that butch gay Asian guy from Indonesia? As you might remember, Suzy Size was sitting at the street terrace restaurant at Deutsche Eiche drinking half a liter of truly excellent Weissbier when this butch Indonesian masseur had invited her to join him for a massage. What kind of massage might that be? Suzy Size was in the deepest possible thoughts. Health massage was not her thing. First sex, then (maybe health better erotic) massage and then sex again was much more tempting than a stupid health massage that might even break the camels back so to speak. Read more

10 Jun 07
From Gay Pattaya to Gay Munich: Even more praise of that German Oak Read this story in German
Did I say it before? Deutsche Eiche (German Oak) Hotel is really a good choice when visiting gay Munich. They do not employ maids, the rooms are made up by males who do have an eye for male beauty. Read more

3 Jun 07
From gay Pattaya to gay Munich - part two of a gay Asian and gay European trip Read this story in German
Leaving gay Thailand for gay Europe is easy (no visa or passport pix necessary for once), but first of all good old gay Suzy Size had to decide on an entrance point to, a starting point in Europe. So she called up her old friend Swiss Esther Kaufmann who owns a highly efficient travel agency in Pattaya. The two outlets are conveniently located in Walking Street and just besides Pattaya Immigration (for contact details go to Pink Pages, Pattaya, on Sticky Rice Gay Guide for Gay Asia). Normally we do not feature women on these very gay pages, but let me make an exception because Esther Kaufmann is an exceptional person and a very attractive woman. Read more
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