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Accounts & Advice - Hamburg, Germany

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Accounts & Advice - Hamburg, Germany
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24 Jul 07
An old homesick man from Chiang Mai at the den of the dragon Read this story in German
Suzy Size entered one of those many gay sex cinemas around Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and St. Georg. The entrance fee is about 7 Euro per day, you can come and go and return later again for the same price, just keep the ticket. Their program is universally the same. They show porn movies in countless cubicles. There you can jerk off in the privacy of your cubicle or, if you are lucky, you find a suitable sex partner and do it there right on the spot. Those places are extremely popular all over Germany, not only in Hamburg. Read more

23 Jul 07
Hamburg Reeperbahn homage to a gay butcher Read this story in German
Do you remember butcher Hans? He used to have several restaurants in Pattaya, the last one was located in Sunee Plaza. He was not well in his last years due to hitting a parked car in Second Road with his motorcycle whilst driving under a very heavy influence. He died impoverished about three years ago, never really recovering from his drunken accident. Read more

22 Jul 07
Gay marriage, Hamburg City Tour a naked Danish Prince Read this story in German
Next morning at the internet caf Suzy Size calls long time boy friend Amorn in Pattaya and makes a marriage proposal. About five minutes cost only 1.46 Euros. The Turkish woman at the internet caf does not understand the first rate (Swiss) German of Suzy Size, asks if she is from Austria? What an insult. Amorn graciously agrees to that marriage proposal under a Rolex condition. Thais are clever people. He has talked about that Rolex for quite a while now and Suzy has skillfully ignored him. Gay marriage (even though it is not called so) is possible between Swiss and foreign nationals and helps in many legal ways. Read more

21 Jul 07
A touch of Fellini at La Strada first signs of homesickness Read this story in German
Suzy Size had a beer at Rudis, at Daniels and Toms. They are all small gay Hamburg based bars in St. Georg with little action. A few hustlers you might meet in them, mainly from Eastern Europe. Your heroine was not very impressed and moved over to Extratour which is the best known hustler bar of Hamburg and has just recently been refurbished (for links and addresses as always go to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide World). Read more

20 Jul 07
Transvestites at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof - the whorehouse is so nice Read this story in German
The very first time Suzy Size was in Hamburg 35 years ago she was 15 years old, traveling together with four friends the same age. (How could her mother allow such a tender young girl to travel in such a manner, such an unprotected environment? Maybe Suzy Size then was corrupted for ever.) They had bought a cheap train ticket for Europe and traveled up and down the continent, mostly at night to safe the costs for accommodation. The first leg was Zurich to Hamburg, they slept on the train, little though, and arrived around 5 o clock at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and had some coffee at the station restaurant. Read more

19 Jul 07
Panic and fraud in Duisburg - a whorehouse in Hamburg Read this story in German
Suzy Size arrived well on time in Duisburg where she was supposed to change trains. She had bought her ticket in Brussels and a seat reservation till Duisburg, after that the woman could not reserve a seat, but said no problem and printed the schedule. Suzy wondered why? She checked on which track the train would leave in Duisburg Hauptbahnhof and went there well ahead of time. A desperate looking young man with a child in a trolley approached Suzy. Read more
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