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Accounts & Advice - Berlin, Germany

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Accounts & Advice - Berlin, Germany
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31 Jul 07
Moving on in gay Berlin laudable Stars guest house and that Brazilian boy Read this story in German
In the old days lots of young gay sex tourists to Berlin would use this sauna to stay overnight and safe the costs for accommodation. They have some freelance sex therapists here (70 Euros) but also offer health massage by official guys. Suzy opts for sex of course. The big black boy from Brazil is straight but gets very excited and even comes simultaneously after giving a refined erotic massage to happy Suzy. Read more

30 Jul 07
An unforgettable experience did you fuck me? Read this story in German
Prinzknecht, the popular gay bar, is very full that night when Suzy arrives from Eldorado. The darkroom is empty as always. Suzy talks at length with a younger Chinese tourist that went to said darkroom and did not find a living soul in there. He wants to know everything about the Berlin gay scene and Suzy tells him all she found on the famous Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay guide World. She is so knowledgeable. Read more

29 Jul 07
A garden without flowers you can even suck my big cock Read this story in German
There are not many people that night at Eldorado Music Bar. Suzy likes to sit alone in a corner just watching what is going on. Having a beer or two and then move on. A guy takes a seat near Suzy and starts a conversation. He is from Turkey, speaks German well. Read more

28 Jul 07
Lousy sex with a sweet Rumanian hustler blue Berlin boys 4 Read this story in German
Blond Livio really was 29 years old, not 24 as he had said before, he confided to Suzy Size afterwards. She did not give a shit. At Pension Stockholm they charged Suzy 25 Euros for that short time room, the real price being 20 Euros. She said nothing. No receipt as usual. There was no shower or toilet in the room, only a wash basin, some fancy lights. This was definitely a sad place. Read more

27 Jul 07
A sweet Rumanian hustler blue Berlin boys 3 Read this story in German
Blond Livio was 24 years old, from Rumania and really gay. Suzy Size talked with him for a long time at Blue Boy that night. He spoke English very well. He was a pleasant and intelligent guy, detested all those useless fellow Rumanian hustlers. He did not like his present occupation, had enough of Berlin and his old customers. Another one just had not paid him for his services, had tricked him out of 70 Euros. What can I do? Read more

26 Jul 07
Old men blue Berlin boys 2 Read this story in German
Suzy Size is still sitting in Blue Boy, one of the Berlin hustler bars (for details go to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide World). And old man near her quietly drinks several beers. Then he is approached by a Hungarian guy who is obviously looking for prey, not bad looking, but hardly gay. His German is quite bad, there are constant misunderstandings. I am not here the first time, the old man says when their strange conversation comes to the financial settlement. Now they are kissing and hugging each other. Read more

25 Jul 07
Old men blue Berlin boys 1 Read this story in German
Suzy Size entered Blue Boy where she has been last about four years ago. Then she had met a Thai boy there and took him home to her gay hotel Art Hotel Charlottenburger Hof (for details as always have a look at the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide World). After all the receptionist at said hotel had encouraged her to do so when she checked in: If you find something nice, just take it along, no problem with us. Read more
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