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Accounts & Advice - Havana, Cuba

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Accounts & Advice - Havana, Cuba
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6 Oct 12
My gay Guantanamero in Havana, Cuba
I loved some of the gay Cuban men, I met and I loved the excellent music I heard at the terrace of Hotel Inglaterra and at the Sofia restaurant near my great casa particular. And, yes, Greta Alvarez was not shocked at all when I took my Guantanamero there on the contrary, she seemed to be relieved not to have to deal with female whores - and can thus be labeled as gay friendly. I had met Johanesides, a 26 years old construction worker, at the same gay Havana cruisy hotspot, that park opposite the Hotel Inglaterra, but I was first hesitant to take him home with me. Read more

29 Sep 12
A sexy gay boxer in Havana, Cuba
When Cielo and I were finally alone in that kitschy room, in that so benevolent gay Havana short time safe house of heroic El chino, we immediately jumped on each other with the greatest possible enthusiasm! Comrade Connie I admit: Here in the somewhat simple call it filthy, if you must room of El chino: I experienced the very best camaraderie of the whole fucking trip! Forgotten was Darick darling, back in Belem. I do not want to bore you with the details, comandante Connie, but the pleasure was huge, and Cielo was very accommodating indeed. I left El chino a happy man and very satisfied. I was sure, I would meet Cielo, that great gift sent by heaven, again, probably right the next day. Read more

22 Sep 12
More sexy men met in gay Havana, Cuba
Dear comrade Connie,
in retrospect it is inconceivable and unforgivable why it took me five days to firstly identify the gay friendly casa particular of Hilda Alvarez in Havana and secondly to move right in. Your secret instructions which I had learned by heart were very clear and absolutely precise. The only explanation for my blunder I can find: The reactionary anti gay forces of Havana must have applied voodoo in order to confuse me. When I finally identified this Havana safe house, I found everything to be as you had described it! I rung the door bell at the kitchen of Hilda Alvarez and a friendly woman appeared. But it was not Hilda, it was Greta Alvarez! Read more

15 Sep 12
First penetration into gay Havana, Cuba
A waitress had laid an eye on me or my wallet and wanted me to treat her for an ice cream. This was a slippery slope, indeed. She constantly smiled at me and clearly offered herself for the most horrible vices those loose girls can think of. But there was also a charming young man visiting some friends in the restaurant opposite. I talked with him and invited him for a beer. Elvis was 20 years old, obviously gay and he became our first man in Havana, comrade Connie. I took him home that afternoon to the casa particular of grandma Mimi who was luckily absent. I immediately tested his shooting abilities, his general skills, thoroughly and I must say, comrade comandante Connie, he is not a shooting star yet, but a useable foot soldier, with certain abilities and prospects. So I can happily report back to you, comandante in jefe Connie: Mission accomplished! First penetration into gay Havana, Cuba, successfully absolved! Read more

8 Sep 12
Initial moves in gay Havana, Cuba
As you must certainly know, comrade comandante Connie, during the first four or five decades after the Cuban revolution, gays were not valued as they are today, they were prosecuted, punished and ridiculed by all these beard wearing revolutionaries. Only in recent years the attitude has started to change, partly due to Mariela Castro, the daughter of the present president, Raul Castro. Mariela, as we two know, comrade Connie, was inspired by your secret missions to gay Cuba, has been infiltrated by you, Connie Lingus, was turned around by your scientific arguments and thus has become our highly placed agent for the good cause, a well connected gay rights activist. It is maybe a bit striking and ironic to the first time gay visitor that our man in Havana is a woman! Read more

1 Sep 12
Touchdown in gay Havana, Cuba
Dear comrade Connie,
we owe you a lot nearly everything! - when it comes to discover gay Cuba and gay Havana in particular. Your secret advance missions to gay Cuba several years ago helped so much: You did not travel under your real name Connie Lingus, you used the male alias Wayne Bukowski and even went so far as to grow a beard to mix better with all the other heroic bearded revolutionaries in said island country. Your penetrations into gay Cuba were a 100% success and we thank thee for all the sheer endless endeavors undertaken! You are a true hero of the global gay community and have advanced the good cause by real deeds, not hollow words! Read more
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