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25 Aug 12
A gay blue banana in Puerto Viejo
There are not so many countries in the world that have an Atlantic and Pacific coast. Costa Rica is one of the very few, and – after having visited gay Manuel Antonio on the Pacific side – your horny heroine Suzy Size was sitting in another bus bringing her to hopefully very gay Puerto Viejo de Talemanca on the Caribbean or Atlantic side. But Miss Size had no illusions about the gay night life, the gay bar scene of Puerto Viejo: There is none. Colin, the gay Canadian owner of Banana Azul, the gay friendly, beautiful beach resort a bit outside of Puerto Viejo, had warned Miss Size: “Bring a boy with you from gay San Jose, or face…” Read more

18 Aug 12
Gay beach of Costa Rica? Manuel Antonio!
There is a little bar at the gay Hotel Villa Roca where Suzy Size met a gay American resident of Manuel Antonio. The former social worker had made a living through his work for a charity aids organization before retirement. Larry – or was it Harry? – was very talkative after three gin tonics and remained so all night through uncountable gin tonics. He is the type you can find in many gay communities, he thinks of himself as the conscience of the place, of Manuel Antonio in this case. He showed your heroine the gay night life of Manuel Antonio, but he bored Miss Size with all the stories about his boring life: “I should write a book about my life.” Please, do not, Larry or Harry! Read more

11 Aug 12
Good gay nightlife: San Jose, Costa Rica
On her first Saturday in San Jose, the gay capital of Costa Rica, your horny heroine naturally went to Puchos. If you invest some of your scarce quality time to go to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World regarding San Jose Costa Rica you will understand why: Just click through to Puchos Night Club, the gay night club of San Jose. The Saturday night fever of Miss Size was caused by the stripper bug: On that night of the week Puchos offers strip shows with – if the poster outside was meaningful at all – the well known Suzy Size hunks. The entrance fee of 8000 Colones (16 $ US) includes a so called “open bar between 8 pm and midnight”… Suzy Size wondered whatever that might be? She normally expects the bar to be open in a disco or strip place anyhow… Read more

4 Aug 12
Getting laid in gay San Jose, Costa Rica
“Is this that famous gay San Jose massage place called Oasis?” Your heroine asked this from the iron gate, and indeed she had found the right location and was friendly asked in. The fine proprietor Luis Antonio C. is the provider – call this noble man pimp if you must be hypercorrect – of “atractivos chicos” between 20 and 30 years. He has exactly the same profession as the wonderful “El Chino” whom we will get to know in gay Havana, Cuba (patience, Eduard, patience!), but contrary to said Cubano he is much more discreet, he does not ask his boys to lower their pants for a visual inspection of the hardware, for a sneak preview, he just explains verbally what they can do and how they are bestowed. But before that part the unsuspecting gay visitor of this outstanding San Jose massage parlor is shown around in the rather large premises. There are different room types at different rates available, all prices – Suzy forget most of them – are all inclusive. Naturally, your heroine went for the most expensive all inclusive treatment for 50 $ US and picked Luis, a good looking gay Nicaraguan guy, as her flight attendant up to paradise. Read more

28 Jul 12
Touchdown in gay San Jose, Costa Rica
Unsuspecting visitors of San Jose are well advised to go early to Hispalis gay sauna: Men come here after work and return home early thereafter or go on to the other gay places of the Costa Rican capital. When your heroine got undressed, she wondered where the towels were? Then – when looking at the other guests – she realized, there were none: Fridays and Wednesdays are the nude days at Hispalis, but not 100 %. All men got a ridiculously small napkin and used that to hide their small or big cocks. It is not an unfriendly place, clean, well decorated and all. But Miss Size could not detect any working boys. She molested a black hunk with a big cock, offered him money, but he was not a working boy or at least in a working mood. Maybe he just was a cock teaser? In short: Nobody wanted your horny heroine, so soon after she left that gay Hispalis sauna. There are – after all – greener pastures to find during the long and hot gay nights in San Jose. Read more
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