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28 Apr 12
Lucky in gay Beijing: A very good man
Needless to say, when Suzy Size returned to gay Beijing, she tried to call her prince charming she had met three years ago on his phone. But, alas, to the great chagrin of your saddened heroine, this number was no longer assigned to anybody! So Miss Size sent him a mail in a rush which did not bounce, so there was hope. Suzy Size waited and waited, but there was no response. Had he forgotten about your heroine? Did he have a boyfriend now and was no longer prone to hanky-panky on the side? Had that fine young man possibly died in a car accident or any other comparable tragedy? Maybe the answer was very simple: The love mail of your heroine had just landed in spam? Was held back by a merciless spam filter! So on a freezing cold Friday night – after a dinner with friends – Suzy tried to get a taxi which can be difficult in Beijing these days. It took at least half an hour until an unlicensed taxi driver at an extensive rate brought your heroine back to Destination the gay Beijing disco she had met him. Read more

21 Apr 12
Laying down in gay Beijing: A good sauna
When you, gay visitor of Beijing, read this, your heroine is already sitting in Iracema Beach of Fortaleza in Brazil. Just 10 minutes ago Suzy Severa Size has been robbed in broad daylight by a knife wielding thief near Marina Park. This was a close call! And – without her excellent karma - she might as well be dead now and this newest installment of the eternal Gay World Friendship Tour would never have seen the light of the universe. But let us - for now - return to the happy gay days in Beijing where Miss Size was still in a state of innocence – so to speak – neither could she have foreseen then the tragic and heartbreaking events of Lisbon surrounding monstrous Bruno Carvalho, nor the sudden and devastating reoccurrence of hyperinflation in Brazil which lead to the fallout with Marcello, her one and only love of gay Fortaleza. Read more

14 Apr 12
Touch-down in gay Beijing: A massage boy
It was already dark and your heroine had no clue where she was and was definitely looking for a taxi: This has become difficult too in Beijing these days, finding taxis that open their meters! She was walking by a hair salon when a young guy working there offered a foot or a body massage. Suzy Size was in no mood, but then thought twice. At 200 RMB (33 $ US) this was such an obvious invitation to a massage with happy ending. And that 24 year old masseur was quite cute. And the middle aged woman – his boss – looked very much like that Russian whore in the plane, with Chinese features though. Suzy concluded, this was a gay Beijing vice den, and entered that heavenly place without further delay. Read more

18 Jul 09
Khob Chai (thank you), Mr. Good
Magna once again had taken initiative and asked a Tuk Tuk driver to bring your two heroines to the foremost Luang Prabang gay bar. He dropped them a Khob Chai which indeed seemed to be gay, looking at the staff. They got into a conversation with another customer who happened to live in Luang Prabang. He told them that indeed Khob Chai was an openly gay bar with drag shows until the authorities made big problems a while ago. Then the US owner and his Lao partner turned it into a “straight” bar like their other joint just across the street which is called Lao Lao Garden. But despite this official change of sexual orientation, Khob Chai is the obvious choice in search for local talent in Luang Prabang. Read more

11 Jul 09
Beijing has changed beyond recognition
Suzy herself found her Beijing destiny at Destination which is the largest and most popular gay bar, disco, dance place of the Chinese capital. At the minute your heroine entered, she could not but notice a young man with a funny hat, slightly reminding her of singer Billy Mo when he so successfully was performing his almost unforgettable song “Ich kauf mir lieber einen Tirolerhut” in 1962 which became quite a hit then in Germany. Said young man laid eyes on your graying heroine right from the minute she entered. Suzy was of course flattered, but secretly wondered if there might something be wrong with his eyes? Read more

4 Jul 09
Big fish caught at Qingdao bay
Lazy Suzy was sitting in a restaurant having a delicious dark beer when she saw Magna walk by on the other side of the street. Naturally Suzy shouted at her unsuspecting older sister: “Maagna, Maaaagna.” Magna was easily convinced to have a beer, since she just loves dark beer. But – as it now turned out - she was not philandering alone at present stage. Earlier, when she had routinely inspected the public toilet - sanitation certainly is an achievement of mankind - at Qingdao bay, she had seen a very big fish there indeed. The owner of said fish – a maybe 30 year old Chinese – had followed her since like a puppy. Of course he was invited to join the two elder sisters for a beer as well. Read more

27 Jun 09
Happy Hours at the Youth Hostel in Shanghai
It is always a bit difficult to find your way in a new Chinese city and Suzy therefore contacted Pan Tao, a 26 year old Shanghai gay guide with appealing looks (see Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia), but he had no time for your two heroines due to other customers who had hired him for a job. He is not cheap and Suzy wonders what his services might include besides guidance? Write a comment, gay sex tourist, if you have experienced his services. Suzy had printed the Shanghai Gay Map provided by Pan Tao back in Castelgandolfo – her residence just outside Pattaya - which helped to find Magna and her their way around. Once they had found Eddys (just besides Alldays) which is the oldest gay bar of Shanghai, the rest was not really easy, but manageable. Read more

20 Jun 09
Gay treasure hunts in Hangzhou
The entrance fee for gay Han Lin Cun sauna in Hangzhou is 30 Yuan (a bit more than 4 $ US). The sauna is not very large, but clean and has all amenities you would expect of such an institution. Magna got caught by a well bestowed local talent right in the shower room whereas Suzy - the old, picky queen – was hesitant to reply to any of the offers made to her. She finally sat down besides a possible victim, a cute and young Chinese man. He was obviously very shy and just occasionally looked back at your greedy heroine, but quickly returning to his important work on his mobile phone, sending sms. He wore short trousers and a t-shirt, was not half naked like your heroine. Suddenly Suzy realized he wore a tag hanging from his neck. Inspecting that strange tag Suzy found number 003 there. Read more

13 Jun 09
The shrinking and the rising feeling in Xiamen
But then yet another acquaintance was made, an absolutely good looking young man stood besides Suzy at the fence, glaring out at the sea at Xiamen pier. Suddenly their finger met and touched each others. The both played around a while and now the fact that this angel could not speak any English either bore no importance for your heroine any longer. She just felt that rising feeling besides that wonderful young man, quite contrary to her sinking feeling in that silly sauna. Her hotel was just around the corner and Suzy wanted to show this example of immaculate Xiamen manhood her praised stamp collection. Read more

6 Jun 09
”Tsuozaezahn tsai nar?” – taking a splendid train ride to Canton
Besides “ni hao” (hello) and “shishie” (thanks) your heroine Suzy Size is not too fluent in Mandarin. About 15 years back, when she travelled from Saigon to Beijing all by train (and all alone, very much alone, indeed!), she had then acquired a Chinese phrase book and had learned the following very important sentence (the only one she can remember in her present semi senile state of mind): “Tsuozaezahn tsai nar?” Do you get it, gay sex tourist? Magna, the older sister of Suzy and her beloved and so able assistant on this genuine China adventure, did not get it at first. It means: “Where is the train station?”, certainly a very vital question, if you want to travel up the coast from Shenzhen (just besides Hong Kong) to Beijing in a country where people are not so very fluent in English. Read more

30 May 09
Any gay bars in Shenzhen? Why not – of course!
Leaving her new little girl friend for China was not as easy as firstly suspected. Suzy Size actually shed a tear or two when taking a last look at Champa, the lovely kitten Amorn, the boy friend of so many years, had saved from a garbage bin and since taken excellent care of. Young cats are so funny. But, alas, duty called. As you know, gay fellow sex tourist, the mission of your restless heroine on her infamous Gay Friendship Tour is, to describe the whole world from that specific gay perspective. And Suzy has not been to (Mainland) China for at least 15 years when she travelled from Saigon all the way to Beijing by train. So this huge blind spot – with millions of cute and horny gay men - needed urgent attention of your dedicated sentinel. Read more

10 May 08
Great (but expensive) gay Hong Kong – arrival at a hotel prison cell
When Suzy reached Nathan Road (which is walking distance from the China Ferry Terminal at Victoria Harbor) she saw the ugly building right away where her cheap hotel was located. Just looking at the dilapidated building explained the unusual low Hong Kong price of roughly 1200 Baht for a single bed room with its own bath room, TV and wireless internet connection in the newly renovated USA Hotel. Suzy queued at the right elevator of Mirador Mansion. There were many backpackers there in waiting and it took a long time till it finally arrived. Suzy was the last passenger to enter that antique elevator, but the first to leave it at floor 13. Read more

3 May 08
Gay Macau is a bit boring, but also a dangerous place
When Suzy Size bolted her hotel door, Ricardo had already helped himself with a beer from the refrigerator. The sex that followed was extremely dull. Ricardo did nothing but laying down and getting a blow job, dead meat. No kissing allowed, he was a complete macho. His thing, by the way, was not very impressive to put it politely. And when Suzy Size handed over the 400 Hong Kong $ (1600 Baht) agreed upon he wanted more. Our heroine, not amused at all, refused. But then sweet Ricardo took out a knife from his pocket and put it right at the throat of Suzy Read more

26 Apr 08
Gay China trip in limbo
Those stubborn Communist Chinese! It used to be a matter of a day to get a visa to China in Hong Kong. But now – over night – the rules by the bureaucrats in Beijing have changed. When Suzy Size went to the relevant office just besides Nathan road she was told she needed an air thicket, out of China that is, in order to obtain a visa. But that was not the idea. Suzy wanted to cross into China overland, starting in Shenzhen, then proceed to Gouangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing and maybe also visit the beautiful Terracotta Warriors in Xian. From there a trip to Tibet was at least thinkable – but in an instant that whole idea of this gay discovery China excursion seemed completely out of the question. Read more

12 Apr 08
Gay China: Suzy is coming
If you are a regular visitor of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World you may know that Suzy Size wants to go on an eternal World Friendship Tour. She has booked an inexpensive Air Asia flight from Bangkok to Macau already and is researching her different options presently. Right now our heroine thinks she will spend two nights in Macau and then take a ferry to Hong Kong. From there she could cross over to mainland China and visit Shenzhen, Gouangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing and maybe the beautiful Terracotta Wariors in Xian? All those multi million inhabitant cities nowadays have some “gay” venues and look promising, if you like Chinese boys – Suzy definitely does. Read more
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