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Ms. Connie

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Ms. Connie
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23 Feb 02
Dear Ms. Connie Lingus
My name ’s Titania, I am a Thai ladyboy. I am rather a lovely and beautiful ladyboy. I am a neat ladyboy, love natural and I like to cook Thai food such as "TUM YUM KUNG". Now I study at university in Bangkok (BBA). I have a problem about money for use to education. I am 22 years old, I tall 174 ... Read more

19 Jan 02
Connie Lingus Advice Column
I would like to sponsor my boyfriend to come to live with me in Minneapolis. We have known each other for four years and every time I come to Thailand I spend my time with him. His family lives upcountry and knows about our relationship. He is twenty-one and is presently studying at Ramkamhaen... Read more

17 Nov 01
Ms Connie`s Advice Column
Dear Ms. Connie My fan a Swiss German. He promise I go Switzerland with him next year in hot season. I think he a good man. And he rich. Give me good life in Thai and help mother me very good. When we together in apartment he always want close to me. Kiss me and... Read more

1 Oct 01
Ms Connie Advice Column
Dear Miss Connie, I would like to know how much is the going tip for a boy masseur currently. I am planning a trip to Bangkok soon. Musing in Minnesota Dear Musing, As young men working in the bars will invariably... Read more

12 Jul 01
Connie Lingus Advice Column
Me work in big company. I sorry English no good. Last week boss call me into office. He say he had letter from someone no give name. Person write letter said I a gay. He say in letter I go to gay bar very much and act gay, give bad name to company because everyone know I work for famous c... Read more
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