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Articles - Zurich, Switzerland
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8 Jun 13
Zurich has changed: the last gay crusade
When you diligent user of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World read this tale about the newest adventures of Suzy Size in gay Zurich, your heroine is in Puerto Vallarta already. Puerto Vallarta is the infamous gay beach resort of Mexico and for many years your horny heroine has wanted to penetrate this gay heaven forcefully. But, how the hell, did old Suzy Size get her ass from her luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo her somewhat pompous residence near gay Pattaya to the foremost gay travel destination of Mexico? By taking a detour believe it or not - through Madagascar, Serbia, Ethiopia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic! Read more

19 Feb 11
Back home in gay Zurich where it all started
Suzy Size took the train from her sister`s house in Dietlikon to Wallisellen. There she boarded the newly built Glatttaalbahn to Stettbach. Then she rode tram number 7 to Central and walked through Zaehringerstrasse, passing Carrousel Bar where she met brilliant young men in the past who offer their priceless services for an adequate amount of money. Actually, Suzy Size walked through Zaehringerstrasse twice that afternoon, hoping to see (by chance) a good looking hustler there and spend a so called hour (most often 15 minutes) with him in his nearby quarters. There was one there, indeed, but he looked so sinister and dangerous, your heroine did not take that risk. Read more

9 Aug 08
Hitler buys beef - and other meaty tales from gay Zurich
Suzy enters Jelmoli, another Zurich department store with great food department. She looks first at a super cheap laptop on her way there. A cute vendor with an absolute killer smile explains Suzy that computer and then all the others. Suzy would like to take every part of his in her mouth, licking him just everywhere. She listens carefully to him, but does not understand a word. But she asks a lot of questions just to stay with him a bit longer. Gay sex tourist, when in Zurich, go to Jelmoli and check out that sexy vendor! But, then Suzy moves on to the famous food department. Besides her Hitler just buys some beef, not human flesh as one could have suspected rightly. Suzy stares at Hitler from the edges of her eyes, trying hard not to appear staring at the famous man. Read more

5 Jul 08
Gay Zurich lost and found - plus a double casualty
There is hardly time to meet new people in gay Zurich this year, like Socrates, a twenty year old Brazilian hustler at the toilet of Carrousel: Lovely with his decorative teeth bracelets, pitch dark and quite a cock. In Paragonya Zurich gay sauna (for details as always go to Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World) two other adorable Brazilians with great personalities, big cocks and big asses were met. Yes, a short time session is still 100 Swiss francs and there is still that hypocrite sign at this leading gay Zurich sauna banning prostitution. Is it not absurd? Read more

13 Oct 07
The World famous Zurich Ballet was in Bangkok Read this story in German
When Suzy heard the news she was thrilled: The famous Zurich Opera Ballet was to perform in Bangkok with A Midsummer Night`s Dream. It was obvious, our lazy heroine had to leave her comfortable beach chair in Jomtien gay beach for once and just had to head to Bangkok immediately where she arrived a few days before opening night. She was going to write articles concerning this monumental performance for several papers and media (like Sticky Rice Gay Guide World) and therefore had access to the rehearsals at Thailand Cultural Centre. Read more

4 Aug 07
30 years later a class reunion Read this story in German
And that man over there taught biology, a clever and witty guy that used to live together with another biology teacher who always wore one of those sexy long black rain coats like the Nazis in the movies. Is he still alive? They probably were a gay couple, Suzy thought, and by pure chance she saw him again with his friend aged, no black leather raincoat any longer, but obviously still alive and together with his love - next day at Stadelhofen train station. They did not see smiling Suzy. Read more

3 Aug 07
30 years later just before the class reunion Read this story in German
Suzy is nervous and wants to cool down before her class reunion. She enters Paragonya gay sauna around 5 pm this Friday, that is the best time and day of the week to go here. There are many customers and many sex therapists. Of all places visited this summer Zurich is the very best when it comes to hustlers, short, clean sex, a bit of massage. If Suzy ever was to return to Europe for good, she would return to her home place Zurich. But she has no such intentions any longer. She misses sleaze town Pattaya terribly and will return next day. Read more

30 Jun 07
Gay days in the South of France no sex, though, bring a book Read this story in German
The light is so special in the South of France, clear, brilliant. This has attracted many painters over the years to Provence region. Suzy Size can only paint a wall and therefore was more attracted by the good food and the good wine. At the local winery they sell wine like gas at a gas station in Thailand, you bring your tank with you and pay by the litres. Suzy has come here with an odd group, consisting of three woman journalists two retired and one retired male journalist who riots almost every day if he cannot get his first beer on time. Those straight guys are crazy. Did you not know? Read more

29 Jun 07
Dinner with the Michael Moore of Switzerland the gay Silk King is drunk again Read this story in German
In the old days (30 years ago) Andy Stutz was always sitting at the Bar in Caf Odeon wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket, drinking beer and hunting for young guys. He is probably about ten years older than Suzy and often had an eye on your heroine, blinked and smiled at her, but she was never interested in him because of that horrible and unbridgeable age gap. Over the years Andy grew fatter and fatter, no wonder drinking all that beer at the Odeon. Read more

27 Jun 07
Happy days are here again Bruno, dearest 2 Read this story in German
Suzy arrived at the entrance of Caf Schlauch when Bruno just wanted to enter, she recognized him from the back side and said: Hoi, Bruno as if they had seen each other last yesterday, not fifteen or thirty years ago. Bruno turned around and smiled. It was the same guy, just a bit greyer, his hair still dense, but not as dense as in his prime days, some wrinkles, but very well preserved, not fat or otherwise ugly at all. And his killer smile was still there, his beautiful teeth still in place still radiant. Suzy was thrilled, flabbergasted, bewitched, mesmerized, you name it. Read more

26 Jun 07
The bad old days before coming out ? - Bruno, dearest Read this story in German
Andreas renewed the contact and few days later Suzy met Bruno at Cafe Schlauch, a bar where the (mainly straight) boys play pool, it is a very nice and recommendable pastime to watch them bend over the pool tables when they shoot. I guess you get the picture? Suzy and Bruno went to high school together 30 years ago, but accidentally only met once again about 15 years ago on Hirschenplatz. Bruno, being half Italian, was a beautiful boy in those so called good old days that were actually very difficult for Suzy since she had not come out yet and was not sure what she was. In retrospect it is very clear that she loved and adored Bruno very much. She loved his beautiful tailor made shirts. She loved his killer smile, his great humour and his striking personality. Everybody liked Bruno, but Suzy secretly loved him. Read more

25 Jun 07
The Gay Zurich one stop office 3 sex at good old T&M Read this story in German
When gay Zurich T&M disco first opened about twenty years ago Suzy Size moved away from Caf Odeon and spent at least her weekends - at that new place and so did the gay crowd in general. The waiters just could not get through to their thirsty customers so crowded was the place Fridays and Saturdays. Suzy got close to dehydration every time she went there (only a joke). Read more

24 Jun 07
The Gay Zurich one stop office 2 good old T&M still running strong Read this story in German
A year or two ago, when Suzy Size visited Zurich last time, she stayed at Hotel Goldenes Schwert (details see Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Asia Guide and world). It is the foremost gay hotel of Zurich and part of the T&M empire of Roger and Tamara. They have gay theme rooms there, you can for instance stay at the prison room if you like such things. Read more

23 Jun 07
The Gay Zurich one stop office the first and foremost gay disco Read this story in German
Another important gay Zurich hunting ground of Suzy Size was of course Tiefenbrunnen Bad (Tiefenbrunnen bath) which is not a sauna or a bath house as you might think back there in gay Jomtien, but a beautiful public swimming place at lake Zurich. Especially in one section the so called Tuntewiesli (tart square), in front of the changing room for men, the guys of our kind frequently gathered. Whenever the sun came out the tarts came out there too. (It is still a good place to go today.) Read more

22 Jun 07
Gay Zurich Caf Odeon 2 not as good any longer Read this story in German
When your heroine Suzy Suzy enters Odeon these days, the place still looks the same as it did thirty years ago, the architecture, the marble, the mirrors, all that stuff is still in place. And the Baroness, a local eccentric, a flamboyant tart, is still there, showing her huge diamond rings to everybody that is interested and also to those that are not interested. It is debatable whether or not those said diamond rings are genuine (Suzy has strong doubts), but the show of the Baroness is consistent and almost as long running as the Mouse Trap in London. Read more

21 Jun 07
Gay Zurich Caf Odeon nostalgia is made of this Read this story in German
Passing the monument besides Wasserkiche for Huldrych Zwingli, a puritan, that has influenced the behaviour of Zurich and its inhabitants for centuries. (He was not exactly gay friendly, he was not very sanuk friendly, as observers in Pattaya might observe correctly.) As usual there are those horrible pigeons rats of the air flying around in droves at scenic Limmatquai, probably fed by hundreds of irresponsible lonely old ladies those pigeons and the old ladies should both be poisoned by the Zurich city counsel - shitting right on Zwinglis head. Even such a puritan deserves better. Read more

20 Jun 07
Gay Zurich Arboretum Park a bigger splash, sort of Read this story in German
The toilet and bushes at Buerkliplatz (like the Arboretum park right at the lake) used to be popular meeting places for the gays at night. A friend of Suzy claims to have had the cock of Rudolf Nureyew there in his hand and mouth once not getting hard, by the way. Who knows? Read more

19 Jun 07
Gay Zurich Caf Rathaus, Limmatquai give me a break Read this story in German
Understandably Suzy Size needed a break after that hearty sex at gay Paragonya Zurich sauna. She walked down Muehlegasse and followed beautiful river Limmat along Limmatquai in direction to the lake, but not too far. She stopped just before the city parliament building called Rathaus at Caf Rathaus, a new place (see Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide World for details.) It took the authorities about 35 years to shut down this central and very beautiful section of the old town for private traffic. Development is very slow in Zurich. In Pattaya you probably could build about 350 View Talay eyesores in that time. Read more

18 Jun 07
Sex at gay Zurich Paragonya Sauna Read this story in German
It was clearly a Brazilian guy that had stuffed his tongue in the mouth of Suzy Size in the steam room of gay Zurich Paragonya sauna. Suzy was still hesitant about her choice and left that hot spot with that hot Latin lover in the steam room to look around further. There were some stunning Asians as well and Suzy was tempted, but suddenly thought it to be absurd to leave good old gay Pattaya after all a gay Asian heaven - for greener pastures in Zurich and then do there what she easily and less expensively could do in Pattaya, for instance in DD-Inn in gay Jomtien beach. Read more

16 Jun 07
Zurich Hauptbahnhof Read this story in German
So finally Suzy Size arrives at Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main train station). It is a fabulous building. In front of it you find good old Alfred Escher standing on his fountain and radiating everlasting optimism. Did they put up a similar monument for Alois X. Fassbind in Pattaya yet like they did for Escher in Zurich? Fassbind certainly would deserve one, best placed maybe in front of BoyzBoyzBoyz. Fassbind is for Pattaya what Escher is for Zurich. Read more
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